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Marvel Postage Stamp Images Revealed

by Ed Liuon October 27, 2006
The U.S. Postal Service has revealed a preliminary image of the Marvel Comics superhero stamps that are scheduled to be released in 2007. As with the DC Comics superho stamps, 10 heroes will be featured on a sheet of 20 stamps, with half being iconic action shots and the other half reproducing classic covers.

Batman: Teacher of Judaic Moral Values

by Ed Liuon October 26, 2006
An article in The Jewish Week spotlights Rabbi Cary Friedman, author of Wisdom from the Batcave: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life, in which he discusses how Batman “instills in his audience some of Judaism’s most important moral values.” The book arose from his experiences in Jewish studies classes at Duke University and the […]

Hellboy Interviews with Mike Mignola and Tad Stones (UPDATED Oct 26)

by Ed Liuon October 26, 2006
Several interviews with the creative forces behind the animated direct-to-video feature film Hellboy: Sword of Storms have been interviewed. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is interviewed in the Word Balloon podcast, hosted at Comic Book Meanwhile, writer/director/producer Tad Stones gets an extended interview at Major Spoilers and a shorter feature article at Sci Fi Wire. […]

Zemeckis "Beowulf" to Get 3-D Release

by Ed Liuon October 26, 2006
The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Robet Zemeckis’ motion-capture animated film Beowulf will be rolling out to theatres in Real D and large-format 3-D versions in addition to the regular film version. The film will be the third of Zemeckis’ animated projects to be released in 3-D, following The Polar Express and Monster House. (via […]

"Foster’s Home" Movie Coming for Thanksgiving

by Ed Liuon October 26, 2006
Cartoon Network has announced a feature-length Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends movie, airing on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 23. The movie, titled “Good Wilt Hunting,” centers on imaginary friend Wilt’s cross-country trek to seek out his long lost creator. The movie and all-new episodes of Foster’s Home on Fridays in November will […]

Press Release: Foster’s Home Gives Thanks for Friends in First Feature Movie

by Ed Liuon October 26, 2006
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends Gives Thanks for Friends in First Feature Movie Premiere of “Good Wilt Hunting” and a hearty helping of episodes on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 23 Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is full of thanks this Thanksgiving with the premiere of its first ever one-hour Cartoon Network Studios original movie, “Good Wilt […]

"Persepolis" Animated Production Blog and Stills On-line

by Ed Liuon October 25, 2006
A production weblog has been started for Persepolis, an animated film based on the graphic novel memoirs of the same name by Marjane Satrapi. The weblog will track Satrapi’s progress as the days of her youth in post-revolution Iran are chronicled in animated form. Several still photos from the film are available on the official […]

DreamWorks and Nickelodeon to Produce "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda" Toons

by Ed Liuon October 25, 2006
Animation World Network is reporting that Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation are teaming up to produce new shows based on the Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda CGI feature films. No details were given on debut dates.

Nicktoons Shows Now Available on iTunes

by Ed Liuon October 25, 2006
Animation World Network is stating that Nicktoons Network will be launching new content on the iTunes Store, including their new Skyland cartoon that debuts on November 18. All offerings will be $1.99, and presumably season discounts will be available.

Class of 3000, Nick’s Skyland, and King of the Hill Renewal at Animated Shorts

by Ed Liuon October 25, 2006
This week’s Animated Shorts column at covers three major news events in the animated world: the upcoming debut of Class of 3000 on Cartoon Network and of Skyland on the Nicktoons network, the renewal of Fox’s King of the Hill for an 11th season, and the addition of Basilisk and Gunslinger Girl to the […]