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VIZ Announces First Quarter 2007 DVD Releases

by Ed Liuon January 19, 2007
VIZ Media has issued a press release detailing their new DVD releases for the first quarter of 2007, including two volumes of Bleach, a season 1 boxed set for Ranma 1/2, two new Inu Yasha DVDs, a Flame of Recca release, and the next volume of Zatch Bell! Read the full press release for details, […]

PR: Navarre’s BCI To Release 33 Digitally Remastered Episodes Of "She-Ra" S1, V2

by Ed Liuon January 19, 2007
NAVARRE’S BCI TO RELEASE 33 DIGITALLY REMASTERED EPISODES OF “She-Ra: Princess of Power®” SEASON ONE, VOLUME TWO Six DVD Set in a Six-Panel DigiPak Available April 3rd for $49.98 Los Angeles, CA – Animation’s greatest adventure heroine continues her fight for freedom as BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation Company, and leading UK media company and […]

PR: Viz Media Announces New DVD Releases For First Quarter 2007

by Ed Liuon January 19, 2007
VIZ MEDIA ANNOUNCES NEW DVD RELEASES FOR FIRST QUARTER 2007 New Installments Of BLEACH, RANMA ½, INUYASHA Anime And Critically Acclaimed Live Action Feature Film – TRAIN MAN: DENSHA OTOKO San Francisco, CA, JANUARY 17, 2007 — VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing […]

First Shot of Disney/Pixar’s "WALL•E"

by Ed Liuon January 18, 2007 has posted the first still image from Disney/Pixar’s WALL•E, their newest animated film directed by Andrew Stanton and scheduled for release in June 2008. The still of the title character was taken from a letter to Disney shareholders from CEO Robert A. Iger. (via Toon Zone member tb4000)

Mark Warden "Iron Man" and Studio Gonzo Interviewed at Animated Shorts

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
The latest Animated Shorts column at Newsarama is headlined by an interview with Mark Worden, the voice actor for the title character of the upcoming Invincible Iron Man direct-to-video movie. Worden discusses his childhood in the new Mickey Mouse Club, how he landed his role as Iron Man/Tony Stark in the Ultimate Avengers and Iron […]

Disney/Pixar Reported Seeking "John Carter of Mars" Rights

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Disney/Pixar is in active negotiations for the film rights to the John Carter of Mars series of novels. Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, the series centers on a Civil War officer transported to the savage landscape of Mars. The Burroughs estate claimed that the rights […]

"Le Chevalier D’Eon" Debuts on Anime Network February 8

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
Le Chevalier D’Eon is debuting on the Anime Network on February 8, 2007. The press release from the Anime Network contains a brief plot synopsis and airtime information. The first DVD of the series will be available on February 20.

Anne Globe Named Marketing Head of DreamWorks Animation

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
A press release states that DreamWorks Animation is naming Anne Globe as the company’s new Head of Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Products. She has been head of worldwide consumer products and promotion since 2005. Read the full press release here.

Show at Museum of Design Atlanta to Focus on Cartoon Network Advertising

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
A new exhibition at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) will be focusing on the advertising of Cartoon Network. Titled “Design at Play: The High Design and Low-Brow Humor of Cartoon Network,” the multi-media show will feature print advertising, on-air spots, billboards, and interactive web sites. The show is scheduled to run from February 1 […]

Illumitoon and Westlake Debut "Beet the Vandel Buster" on DVD

by Ed Liuon January 17, 2007
Illumitoon Entertainment Ltd. and Westlake Entertainment have issued a press release about their first DVD release: Beet the Vandel Buster: The Sacrifice. The series focuses on young Beet, a warrior whose village is engaged in a life-and-death struggle with the demonic Vandels. The first DVD will hit store shelves on January 30, 2007, containing 4 […]