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"Ode to Kirihito": 2.3 Pounds of Comic Book Masterpiece

by Ed Liuon December 7, 2006
Before he began the work that would establish him as the God of Manga and the father of the anime industry, Osamu Tezuka was trained as a medical doctor. No doubt his experiences in that prior life informed Ode to Kirihito, a grand-scale work from 1970 that has just been released in English by Vertical, […]

Hanna-Barbera’s Art Lozzi Explains Background Techniques

by Ed Liuon December 6, 2006
Art Lozzi, artist for Hanna-Barbera during its heyday, has made a guest appearance on animator John Kricfalusi’s weblog with an in-depth discussion of color techniques, with copious examples from Yogi Bear cartoons. (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat)

Scott Kurtz In-Depth on "PvP: The Animated Series"

by Ed Liuon December 6, 2006
Scott Kurtz has spoken to Comic Book Resources about the upcoming launch of PvP: The Animated Series, based on Kurtz’s popular webcomic. Kurtz discusses into the rationale behind turning the strip into a series, the changes that will occur in the translation, and the differences between PvP and other Flash-based animation projects on the web. […]

"PvP: The Animated Series" Starts in February

by Ed Liuon December 5, 2006
Scott Kurtz, the creator of the popular web comic PvP, has announced that PvP: The Animated Series will be available on the web starting on February 1, 2007. New 4-6 minute shows will be available once a month; a year-long subscription fee will cost $29.95, but signing up between now and January 1 drops the […]

2006 Annie Award Nominations Announced

by Ed Liuon December 5, 2006
The full list of 2006 Annie Award nominees has been released by ASIFA-Hollywood. Highlights of the awards include: Best Animated Feature Cars – Pixar Animation Studios Happy Feet – Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, a Kennedy Miller Production in association with Animal Logic Film Monster House – Columbia Pictures Presents […]

Lucy Lawless to Voice Wonder Woman in "Justice League" Toon

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
In an interview with the website, actress Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica) stated that she was “in the studio voicing the character of Wonder Woman for a Justice League DVD.” No further details are available at this time on Lawless’ casting or on the DVD in question. DC Comics declined to comment […]

Sid Raymond, "Baby Huey:" c.1909 – 2006

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
Actor Sid Raymond has passed away at the age of 97, according to a post in writer Mark Evanier’s weblog. Raymond appeared in many roles on stage, film, and television, but may be best known to animation fans as the voice of Katnip the Cat (from the “Herman and Katnip” cartoons) and of Baby Huey, […]

Dancing Penguins Continue to Beat James Bond

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet continued its domination of the United States box office, claiming the top spot in ticket sales for the third week in a row with an estimated gross of $17 million, according to the Los Angeles Times (free registration required). It was also the third time the film came in ahead of […]

Disney Animation Resurrects Cartoon Shorts, Cuts Staff

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
The New York Times is reporting that the Walt Disney Studios has several animated short films in production now (registration required), intending to release them along with new feature films as a bonus. The new shorts will be used to train animation talent and spot potential new directors for animated feature films, and will be […]

GameTap’s New "Sam & Max" Promotional Animated Shorts

by Ed Liuon December 1, 2006
A press release from GameTap and Telltale Games announces new weekly animated shorts based on Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max: Freelance Police, to promote new episodes of the Sam & Max video game. The shorts will be done using machinima, using the game’s own engine to produce a short film, and will be posted every […]