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Alan Burnett to Write "Superman/Batman" in June

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
The latest DC Comics advance solicitation information for June 2007 has been released, and reveals that Alan Burnett will be writing a six-part story arc for Superman/Batman. Superman/Batman #37 will begin “Torment,” which promises to “challenge Batman’s and Superman’s very souls.” Burnett has served as writer and producer for Batman the Animated Series, Superman the […]

Anime Network to Televise American Anime Awards

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
ADV has announced that the Anime Network will be airing its “all access” coverage of this year’s American Anime Awards, held at the 2007 New York Comic Con in February. The coverage will be aired on March 23 (broadcast) and April 5 (Video on Demand).

Song Yang Aims for "Bad Girl" to be Chinese Cartoon Icon

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
An article in the Independent Online Edition profiles Chinese cartoonist Song Yang, whose Bad Girl comic is spreading to a variety of other media, including animation and advertising. The comic’s heroine, Little P, reflects life in China’s cities, focusing on fashion and the latest mobile phones. (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat)

NY Times Profiles Amy Poehler

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
The New York Times has profiled actress and comedian Amy Poehler (registration required) and her ascent through Hollywood. The article closes with her upcoming projects, one of which is the animated show The Mighty B on Nickelodeon where Poehler plays the title character, “a girl she described as “superoptimistic and a super spaz.”

Peter Pan Platinum Edition: Faith and Trust and a Little Bit of Digital Remastering

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
According to one of the special features on Disney’s Peter Pan Platinum Edition, Walt Disney took on the title role in a school production of the original J.M. Barrie stage play. During the climactic duel scene, Disney was hoisted aloft by a block and tackle system, only to end up sailing into the audience. Despite […]

ASIFA Posts Alex Toth Model Sheets

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project weblog has posted several model sheets by renowned artist Alex Toth for a variety of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, including Johnny Quest, Shazzan, and The Herculoids. (via Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter)

NY Times on "Pale Force"’s Jim Gaffigan

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
The New York Times has profiled stand-up comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan, who is half of the animated superhero duo Pale Force with sidekick Conan O’Brien (registration required). The article details how Gaffigan meets audience members after all his shows, how his star has slowly risen in Hollywood, and describes the multiple roles he fills […]

Mark Evanier on Origins of Scrappy Doo, Part 2

by Ed Liuon March 19, 2007
Mark Evanier has posted the second chapter on his weblog describing the creation of Scrappy Doo. He describes the Warner Brothers animated character who was the unstated inspiration for Scrappy and digresses briefly into the origins of another Hanna-Barbera animated character before concluding with his successful scripting job that got Scooby Doo renewed for another […] Launches for On-line Animation

by Ed Liuon March 15, 2007
Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi from the Cartoon Brew weblog have announced the launch of, a website dedicated to showcasing animated short films. The site’s three launch films are Teddy Newton and Bert Klein’s Boys Night Out, Frank Tashlin’s The Lady Said No and Grantray-Lawrence’s The Hope That Jack Built. Beck and Amidi have […]

New "TMNT" Video Featurette Available On-line

by Ed Liuon March 14, 2007
Warner Brothers has release a video featurette for the upcoming TMNT movie, which will put the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles into a CGI animated world. TMNT is scheduled to open on March 23, 2007.