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Joe D’Ambrosia and Tom Teves on "Blood+"

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007’s Animated Shorts has posted a brief interview with Joe D’Ambrosia and Tom Teves, the US story editors for Blood+. The pair discuss how the new series differs from the prequel movie Blood, the Last Vampire and who the supporting cast will be in the series. Other news in the column includes an appearance by […]

Matt Groening Interviewed by "The Wave" on "Simpsons" on Big- and Small-Screen

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007
The Wave magazine has interviewed Matt Groening about The Simpsons, both the weekly TV show and the big-screen movie coming this summer. Groening tackles questions on whether the show’s best days are behind it and how the crew avoided making the movie “three episodes strung together.” (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat)

Scott Lobdell on Scripting "Stan Lee’s Mosaic"

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007 has spoken to writer Scott Lobdell about scripting Stan Lee Presents Mosaic, the latest superhero creation from the legendary comics icon. Lobdell discusses how he got the job to script the direct-to-video animated feature, the changes that were made to his script, and where the series could go from here. He also briefly mentions […]

"Star Trek: The Animated Series": Trek in All the Ways that Matter

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. With those words, Captain James T. Kirk launched one of the most enduring franchises in American entertainment history. […]

DVD Talk Visits London for "Peter Pan" Launch Weekend

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
DVD Talk’s Jamie S. Rich has posted a writeup of the weekend press junket in London for the release of the Peter Pan 2-disc Platinum Edition, detailing the tours of London to recreate the trips taken by the Darling children in the movie and the discussions with Kathryn Beaumont and Margaret Kerry, the voice of […]

"South Park" Available in High-Definition on Xbox 360

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
Microsoft and Comedy Central have teamed up to deliver Xbox 360 owners the first episode of South Park in high-definition video. Starting today until March 20, 2007, the season 8 episode “Good Times With Weapons” will be available as a free download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The episode will also be given to customers who […]

Osvaldo Cavandoli, Creator of "La Linea," 1920 – 2007

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
Italian cartoonist and animator Osvaldo Cavandoli (Cava) passed away on Saturday, March 3, 2007, at the age of 87. Cavandoli’s most famous creation was “La Linea,” a character who first appeared in 1969 and was a fixture on Italian television and independent films, as well as in 20 films made for Universal Studios in 2001.

Wondercon Reports on Sony’s "Surf’s Up" and Aragones/Evanier’s "Groo"

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
At last weekend’s Wondercon comic convention in San Francisco, Sony Pictures showed off Surf’s Up next to Spider-Man 3. Sony director of animation David Schaub showed clips and a PowerPoint presentation about Surf’s Up, apparently addressing the audience’s concern over another movie with CGI-animated penguins coming so soon in the wake of Happy Feet. The […]

NY Times Profiles John Lasseter

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
The New York Times has profiled John Lasseter, examining his early performance as the Chief Creative Officer of Animation for the Walt Disney Company (registration required). His involvement in recent changes to Disney’s Meet the Robinsons and American Dog is addressed, as well as his role and stature in the company.

Greg Weisman and Slave Labor’s Dan Vado Talk "Gargoyles" at Wondercon

by Ed Liuon March 5, 2007
This weekend’s Wondercon comic book convention in San Francisco hosted two panels connected to Disney’s Gargoyles tie-in comic book. Comic Book Resources covered a panel hosted by Greg Weisman, writer of the new comic book series and producer of the original TV series. Weisman went into the origins of the show, how it evolved from […]