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"South Park" Available in High-Definition on Xbox 360

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
Microsoft and Comedy Central have teamed up to deliver Xbox 360 owners the first episode of South Park in high-definition video. Starting today until March 20, 2007, the season 8 episode “Good Times With Weapons” will be available as a free download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The episode will also be given to customers who […]

Osvaldo Cavandoli, Creator of "La Linea," 1920 – 2007

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
Italian cartoonist and animator Osvaldo Cavandoli (Cava) passed away on Saturday, March 3, 2007, at the age of 87. Cavandoli’s most famous creation was “La Linea,” a character who first appeared in 1969 and was a fixture on Italian television and independent films, as well as in 20 films made for Universal Studios in 2001.

Wondercon Reports on Sony’s "Surf’s Up" and Aragones/Evanier’s "Groo"

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
At last weekend’s Wondercon comic convention in San Francisco, Sony Pictures showed off Surf’s Up next to Spider-Man 3. Sony director of animation David Schaub showed clips and a PowerPoint presentation about Surf’s Up, apparently addressing the audience’s concern over another movie with CGI-animated penguins coming so soon in the wake of Happy Feet. The […]

NY Times Profiles John Lasseter

by Ed Liuon March 6, 2007
The New York Times has profiled John Lasseter, examining his early performance as the Chief Creative Officer of Animation for the Walt Disney Company (registration required). His involvement in recent changes to Disney’s Meet the Robinsons and American Dog is addressed, as well as his role and stature in the company.

Greg Weisman and Slave Labor’s Dan Vado Talk "Gargoyles" at Wondercon

by Ed Liuon March 5, 2007
This weekend’s Wondercon comic book convention in San Francisco hosted two panels connected to Disney’s Gargoyles tie-in comic book. Comic Book Resources covered a panel hosted by Greg Weisman, writer of the new comic book series and producer of the original TV series. Weisman went into the origins of the show, how it evolved from […]

Bruce Timm and Gregory Noveck Talk Animated DC at Wondercon

by Ed Liuon March 5, 2007
At a panel at this weekend’s Wondercon comic convention, DC Comics Senior Vice President – Executive Editor Dan Didio, Senior VP of Creative Affairs of Warner Bros. Animation Gregory Noveck, and producer and animator Bruce Timm spoke about the new direct-to-DVD movies that will adapt many of DC’s most famous and popular comic book stories […]

Toon Zone News Inteviews Kathryn Beaumont, the Voice of Wendy in "Peter Pan"

by Ed Liuon March 5, 2007
Born in London, England, in 1938, Kathryn Beaumont came to the United States as a child actress for MGM at the age of 7. About three years later, her acting ability and charm led Walt Disney to cast her as Alice in the studio’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The story goes that […]

Superman Doomsday DVD Out on Sept. 18; Gets PG-13 Rating

by Ed Liuon March 4, 2007
DC Comics has announced that the Superman Doomsday direct-to-video animated DVD will be released on September 18, 2007, and will be the first animated Superman project to get a PG-13 rating. The press release also includes casting information, with Adam Baldwin taking the role of Superman, Anne Heche as Lois Lane, and James Marsters as […]

Corus/YTV Special Events in March and April

by Ed Liuon March 3, 2007
Canadian animation fans will have a selection of animated programming in March and April via the Corus Kids Television network. From March 12-16, a special run-up to the Thumb Wrestling Federation season finale will let viewers vote on their favorite shows on for a special hour of programming the following day. The overall winner […]

Central Park Media Releases "Cat Girl Kiki," 2nd Akibahara Film, in May

by Ed Liuon March 3, 2007
Central Park Media will be releasing Cat Girl Kiki on DVD on May 8, 2007. The film is the second of the Akibahara Trilogy, which uses the famed Tokyo shopping district as the backdrop for films that draw their plots through otaku culture. Cat Girl Kiki centers on a lonely anime fan whose kitten turns […]