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Ben Caldwell Talks "Dare Detectives," JLU Covers

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2007
Artist Ben Caldwell has been interviewed by Newsarama about a variety of subjects, including his series Dare Detectives (published by Dark Horse Comics), the covers he did for DC’s Justice League Unlimited comic book series, the design work he did for Legion of Superheroes, and his “How-to” books on cartooning.

Adam Beechen on "Edgar and Ellen," "JLU," and More

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2007
Writer Adam Beechen has been interviewed by the ComicBloc website about his many assorted writing projects, including DC’s Justice League Unlimited comic book, Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans, Nickelodeon’s Edgar and Ellen, and an upcoming episode of Johnny Test. Beechen spends the majority of the interview discussing his work for DC Comics, including the monthly Robin […]

Andrea Romano Interviewed at (Parts 1-3 Posted)

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2007 has posted part 1 of a 3-part interview with voice director Andrea Romano. The first section of the interview discusses what a voice director’s responsibilities are and what a typical day recording Avatar is like. (UPDATED May 21, 2007): Part 2 of the interview has been posted, which details how Romano became a voice […]

Creating "Lil’ Bush": A Conference Call with Donick Cary and Iggy Pop

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2007
Donick Cary is a veteran of television comedy, starting out as a writer for Late Night with David Letterman and The Simpsons. Late last year, he was tapped by Amp’d Mobile to create animated shows for broadcast on cell phones. The result was Lil’ Bush, a comedy series that follows the misadventures of a pint-sized […]

"Class of 3000" Season 2 Debuts June 7, 2007

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
Cartoon Network has announced that the second season of Class of 3000 will debut on June 7, 2007. The series stars André “3000” Benjamin of OutKast as Sunny Bridges, a music superstar who quits the business to become a music teacher. On June 7, Cartoon Network will run a marathon of season 1 episodes starting […]

"Kim Possible" Co-Creators to Leave Disney

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
Reports are circulating on the Internet that Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley will be leaving the Walt Disney Company when season 4 of Kim Possible wraps up production. The two co-created the series about a cheerleader and superheroine after a long career with animated Disney television properties such as Hercules and Aladdin. Series director Steve […]

"Creature Comforts" Comes to CBS in June

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
Aardman Animation’s Creature Comforts series will be making its American broadcast TV debut on CBS starting June 4, 2007, at 8:00 PM. The series will use interviews with a variety of American subjects as the soundtrack for stop-motion animated sequences starring a menagerie of animals. (via Animated Shorts)

Christine Auten on Voice Acting and Directing Anime

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts column has interviewed Christine Auten on her career as an anime voice actor and how that turned into a second career in the recording booth as a voice acting director. Auten is probably best known as the English voice actress for Priss in Bubblegum Crisis; she has been working with ADV as […]

L.A. Times on New "Star Wars" Animated Series

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
The Los Angeles Times has published an article about the new Star Wars CGI-animated series (free registration required), speaking with supervising director Dave Filoni (Avatar the Last Airbender) and executive producer Catherine Winder. The article notes that most of the production of the series will be done in Singapore, where Lucasfilm has set up a […]

Katzenberg Planning Shrek 4 and 5 to Finish the Franchise

by Ed Liuon May 29, 2007
In an interview with Australia’s The Age, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg stated that he intends to make Shrek 4 and 5 to wrap up the franchise of movies. Katzenberg also discusses the scathing critical response to Shrek the Third, as well as his general feelings towards the business, DreamWorks, and the current American political […]