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Anime Central Con Clarifies Bulk Mail Badge Policy

by Ed Liuon May 9, 2007
The Anime Central convention drew fire from many on-line communities by shipping pre-registration badges via bulk mail, meaning that some attendees might not receive their badges in time for the convention this weekend, May 11-13.’s PULSE News has spoken with the convention chair Beryl Turner to clarify why the badges were sent via bulk […]

Tony Millionaire on "Drinky Crow" Show

by Ed Liuon May 8, 2007
Tony Millionaire has been interviewed at Newsarama’s Animated Shorts column about The Drinky Crow Show, based on his Maakies comics and premiering on Adult Swim this Sunday, May 13, 2007. Millionaire discusses the origins of Maakies, the frustrating attempts to bring the show to the air before Adult Swim funded the short, and how the […]

Mark Evanier on Creating Scrappy Doo (Part 3)

by Ed Liuon May 7, 2007
Writer Mark Evanier has posted the third in a series of entries on his weblog on how the character Scrappy Doo went from concept to screen. The latest entry deals with a set of contradictory “notes” from various network executives and the easy way to get credited for a TV script.

Sci Fi Channel to Debut Anime Block in June – Updated With Schedule

by Ed Liuon May 5, 2007
Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that the Sci Fi Channel will be launching a 2-hour anime block on Monday nights starting on June 11. The content will be provided by Starz Media’s Manga Entertainment imprint, although no titles were available at press time. The block will air from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM, putting it […]

Business Week on Disney Short Films Program

by Ed Liuon May 4, 2007
Business Week has a brief article discussing the new short films program at Disney Feature Animation, intended to discover up-and-coming new talent at Disney and give them an opportunity to hone their skills.

Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2007

by Ed Liuon May 4, 2007
Free Comic Book Day will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2007, at participating comic book stores throughout the United States and internationally. Full details about available titles and participating stores can be found at the Free Comic Book Day website. In related stories, The New York Times also has coverage of the event and […]

Joe Clokey on the Life and Times of Gumby

by Ed Liuon May 2, 2007
Joe Clokey, son of stop-motion animator Art Clokey, has spoken to Newsarama’s Animated Shorts about growing up with Gumby. The article delves in depth into Art Clokey’s career creating Gumby, the ups and downs of the character during his 50 years of existence, and why Joe Clokey thinks stop-motion animators make better CGI-animators than traditional […]

"Avatar" Co-Creators Mike DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko Interviewed (UPDATED Apr 30)

by Ed Liuon April 30, 2007 has posted part 1 of a 3-part interview with Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, co-creators of Nickelodeon’s Avatar the Last Airbender. There was a general embargo of information on season 3 of the show, but the pair still discuss how much of the show was planned in advance, how much Internet fan reaction influences […]

Reports Claim Disney Dropping "Buena Vista" Brand Name

by Ed Liuon April 26, 2007
In an anonymously sourced story, Bloomberg News is reporting that the Walt Disney Corporation is about to purge its entertainment divisions of the “Buena Vista” brand name within weeks to take advantage of the wide recognition of the Disney brand name. The affected divisions are Buena Vista Distribution, which distributes Disney’s feature films to theatres, […]

"Cartoon Modern" Named Best Film Book of 2006 by Theatre Library Association

by Ed Liuon April 26, 2007
Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Modern has been named the Best Film Book of 2006 by the Theatre Library Association. The book examines the unrecognized and undervalued animators of the 20th Century.