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"Black Cat" Gets Wild, But Still Housebroken

by Dukeon July 21, 2007
Ever since Black Cat started, Train Heartnet’s biggest mission has been to take revenge on Creed Diskenth. Now, in Volume 5, he finally gets his wish. Train, formerly a killer for Chronos, had spurned Creed’s invitation to join the rebel Apostles of the Stars; in revenge, Creed killed Saya, the young bounty hunter who had […]

"Samurai 7" Is Gonzo’s Best Series Ever

by Dukeon July 12, 2007
If you like excellent anime, go out and buy Samurai 7. Go. Now. Wait, you mean I have to write more? Oh, all right … Samurai 7 is a sci-fi remake of Akira Kurosawa’s classic film The Seven Samurai, which some readers might know better from its Western remake, The Magnificent Seven. In this version […]

"Noein" Volume 4: Dimension-Hopping Ain’t Easy

by Dukeon July 9, 2007
If there’s one word to describe Noein, “standard” would not be it. From the dimensional-convergence plot to the pure characters to the freaky animation, Noein certainly stands out from the rest of the pack. Previously, the alternate world of La’cryma has come under attack by Shangri-La, a new dimension that seeks to absorb all dimensions […]

"Noein" Volume 3: When the Quantum Mirror Goes Haywire

by Dukeon July 9, 2007
You know those episodes of Stargate SG-1 where the main characters transport themselves into a parallel universe? It happens at least twice a season. Well, take that plot, add in some kids, lots more technobabble, flashy animation, freaky powers, and even freakier aliens, and you’ve got yourself Noein. Previously, young Haruka had become the subject […]

"DinoSapien" Needs Some Frog DNA

by Dukeon July 7, 2007
As more and more kid-oriented comedies are pumped through the pipeline, it seems as though kid-friendly dramas are falling by the wayside, unless they’re from outside the U.S. That tradition continues as Discovery Kids partners up with BBC America for a new show called DinoSapien. . As you would expect, the dinosaurs themselves are in […]

"Solty Rei 4": Purity Surrounded by Darkness

by Dukeon July 1, 2007
If you’ve been paying any attention to Solty Rei at all, you know that FUNimation’s tag-line for the series is “Salvation Lies in the Heart of the Broken.” Well, all the main characters are broken right now (in one case, quite literally), so does this mean salvation is around the corner? Previously, Roy Revant, a […]

"Baki the Grappler" Ends With One Bang, Not Two

by Dukeon June 18, 2007
After 44 episodes of training, 44 episodes of getting beat down, and 44 episodes of freaky techniques, Baki the Grappler reaches its final four episodes. Baki has just two opponents between him and ultimate glory. Will he come out on top? Previously, Baki Hanma and Jak Xamma competed in the Supreme Fighting Circuit Ultimate Tournament […]

"Moon Phase" Ends With a Meow Instead of a Roar

by Dukeon June 15, 2007
Hazuki and Kouhei have been on one wild ride, through monster attacks and vampire attacks. Some great variety there. Oh yeah, and Hazuki had an identity crisis mid-way through the series. But after all that, it’s finally the end of Moon Phase. Previously, Kouhei and Hazuki were forced to hide in the Mido family shrine […]

"Moon Phase": The Cat Ears Come Off

by Dukeon June 14, 2007
In the face of grand evil, hope comes in the form of three young girls not even old enough to attend high school and a guy so dense he doesn’t even realize his own power. Yeah, the heroes of Moon Phase are in trouble. Previously on Moon Phase, more vampire henchmen were sent to bring […]

"Basilisk": Lovely Brutality

by Dukeon May 29, 2007
It’s been a long time since the US anime market has gotten a good, realistic samurai drama. Sure, there’s Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7, and Rurouni Kenshin, but those shows aren’t all that realistic. Basilisk isn’t all that realistic either, but it’s still more in tune with the samurai drama archetype than most other samurai titles […]