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"The Law of Ueki" Power to Change Reviews into Doomsday Devices!

by Dukeon November 1, 2007
Previously, Ueki managed to narrowly defeat Robert just before the next round of the Celestial Fight. After recruiting Hideyoshi as their fifth member, Ueki, Ai, Sano, and Rinko traveled to the Celestial World to fight in the third round, in which the last team standing would move on. Ueki’s desire to protect his friends no […]

"Kyo Kara Maoh": Life is Only a Dream

by Dukeon October 17, 2007
It’s a real shame that fantasy anime aren’t the big sellers that, say, harem anime are. Even with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter reviving the fantasy genre, it seems a fantasy anime can’t sell unless it has a girl in a skimpy bikini getting into precarious situations. Thankfully, one anime has gone off […]

"Case Closed" 3.2: The Return of Jimmy Kudo?

by Dukeon September 10, 2007
Back when FUNimation started releasing Case Closed, they began with Case 4 so that people could watch episodes that Adult Swim didn’t have at the time. After completing Case 5, the company went back and started releasing the first three cases. The recently arrived final volume of Case 3 also brings us new-to-US episodes, as […]

"Tenchi Universe": Let The Good Times Roll On

by Dukeon September 6, 2007
Long, long ago, in the 1990’s, there was a series of OAVs (direct-to-video releases) starring a normal, if slightly wussy, male teenager whose new housemates turned out to be both female and extraterrestrial. The series, Tenchi Muyo! (translated as “No Need for Tenchi”), and was a big hit. It was so popular that it had […]

"Tsubasa": CLAMP Meets ".hack//SIGN"

by Dukeon August 30, 2007
In the Kingdom of Clow, a young archaeologist named Syaoran continues his father’s efforts to unearth ruins hidden beneath the kingdom. The princess Sakura is a childhood friend of his, but the two have been unable to see other often due to the boy’s work. One day, Sakura decides to pay Syaoran a visit in […]

"Solty Rei": Where Everyone Goes Crazy

by Dukeon August 10, 2007
Over the past few months, Solty Rei has gone from a light and fluffy sitcom focusing on the inter-familial relations between Roy, Solty, and Rose to a dark drama where the characters are dragged through hell and back. That trend continues in Volume 5. Previously, bounty hunter Roy Revant had found Rose, his missing daughter, […]

"Disgaea" Volume 3 Is Unsure What it Wants to Be

by Dukeon August 8, 2007
You know, there’s been a recent surge in RPG anime, from series based on such actual RPGs as Final Fantasy Unlimited, Star Ocean EX, and Tales of Symphonia, to RPG-ish series like Elemental Gelade. Now we have another entry in the market: Disgaea. In Disgaea, there are three worlds: Earth, Celestia (essentially Heaven), and the […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Vol. 8: Freedom Destroys Destroy

by Dukeon August 1, 2007
Gundam SEED Destiny got off to a great start, then stuttered a bit before getting back into the swing of things. Now, the series is starting to reach its peak. Previously, Athrun Zala had rejoined ZAFT when the war started up and was assigned to the Minerva, ZAFT’s most powerful ship, to fight alongside Shinn […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Vol. 7: Bring on the Destruction, Gundam!

by Dukeon August 1, 2007
With the Cosmic Era starting to get more and more chaotic, it’s only natural that new factions would show up to make things even crazier. It’s time for a Gundam series tradition: the mid-series shake-up! Previously on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun had met up with Kira and Cagalli to ask them why they […]

"Trinity Blood Chapter 6": Unsatisfying Ending with Vampires!

by Dukeon July 27, 2007
Previously on Trinity Blood, Abel and Asta had successfully infiltrated the Methuselah imperial palace and saved their young friends Ion and Esther from killing each other when Ion’s vampiric instincts took over. With the help of the Empress of the Methuselah (who is also Abel’s sister), our heroes were able to stop the Rosen Kreuz’s […]