"Solty Rei" Another Victim of the Gonzo Curse

Solty Rei has quickly become one of my favorite Gonzo series. Now, we’ve finally reached the series’ conclusion, but can the series escape the horrid endings other Gonzo series seem to have? Previously, Ashley had decided to finally try take over the central computer of the city, Eunomia, so that he could finally escape the […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Continues Its Downfall

You know what’s been lacking in Gundam SEED Destiny lately? Justice. We have all sorts of truly evil people running around committing genocide every two days, mass populations that do whatever a pop idol says they should do, plus technology leaps that just destroy any sense of realism whatsoever. Well, the Cosmic Era is about […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny": Shining Beacon Through Crap

As Gundam SEED Destiny draws ever closer to its conclusion (well, it’s first attempt at a conclusion anyway), you would imagine the best is yet to come, especially after the excellence that was Volume 8 and all the changes that finished up in Volume 9. So, does Volume 10 continue the trend? Previously, after defeating […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny": When Realism Is Screwed Over

As super robot shows become more and more commonplace, you should remember that one of the flagship giant robot shows, Mobile Suit Gundam, was once somewhat realistic. But those days are long, long gone. Previously, Shinn had taken Stella back to the Earth Alliance so she could get the treatment she needed and survive—and had […]

"Desert Punk": Hilariously Horny Hijinx

There have been a lot of anime where the main character, a rather nerdy/wussy-looking male, comes into constant contact with well-endowed female characters and ends up in compromising positions. Heck, browse your local Best Buy or Suncoast and you’ll probably find thirty series just on the first rack. But most of those series not only […]

"Haré+Guu": The Rumble (and Bumble, and Stumble) in the Jungle

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You know, we haven’t really had that many anime comedies lately that aren’t harem/fanservice-laden, and even fewer that take place in the wild arena known as the jungle. Well, the wackiness of the jungle comes home in Haré+Guu. Ten-year-old Haré led a simple life. He got up, cooked breakfast, did laundry, cleaned the house, went […]

"Ghost in the Shell": The Laughing Man Strikes Back

When the cult favorite Ghost in the Shell was being transformed into a television series based on the original manga, the creative staff split the series into two different types of episodes. “Stand Alone” episodes were self-contained stories that didn’t directly deal with the main plotline, while “Complex” episodes dealt with the overall storyline. The […]

"Noein": Muddy Beginning, Clear Ending

Noein has quickly become one of Manga Entertainment’s most profitable series, allowing the company to continue their resurgence after Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Well, the series is finally ending, but will it start making sense? Previously, Haruka had finally begun coming to terms with Karasu and the possible future that is La’cryma, […]

"Black Cat" Proof That Gonzo Can't Do Endings

Black Cat, while never a great series, has been a pretty decent one, though marred by Gonzo’s usual flaws. It comes to an end with the sixth volume, and, as usual with Gonzo, it’s a really crappy ending. Previously, Train, Sven, Eve, the Chronos Numbers, and the Sweeper Alliance had teamed up to storm the […]

"The Law of Ueki" The Law of Improvement

When I reviewed of Volume 3 of The Law of Ueki, I said the show had decent potential but wasted it with a beyond poor execution. Now that the series is finally off the ground, though, it seems as though it’s gotten a lot better. Before, it seemed as though the series went from plot […]

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