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"Naruto" Vol. 6: Creepily Crazy and Crazily Creepy

by Dukeon March 21, 2008
With the Village Hidden in the Leaves focusing all eyes on the Chunin Exam, it’s time to shake things up, and that’s exactly what happens in Naruto Volume 6. Previously, the final rounds of the Chunin Exam were just getting started. Naruto Uzumaki, the eternal underdog, faced off against super-genius and egomaniac Neji Hyuuga with […]

"Tenchi Muyo!": Love Doesn’t Stink … the First Time Around

by Dukeon March 18, 2008
Tenchi Muyo! generated a lot of buzz when it first appeared. After all, it was a compelling series of OAVs that jump-started the harem genre and didn’t suck. It was so popular it even got a television series or two. Those series went on to such popularity that the franchise expanded into movie theaters not […]

"CLAMP Double Feature": "Tsubasa" Is Too Short, But "xxxHOLiC" Is Just Right

by Dukeon March 14, 2008
If you read my review of the Tsubasa anime series, you know how hugely it disappointed me. I hated how Koichi Mashimo and his collaborators at Bee Train basically turned it into .hackhttps://CLAMP. Fortunately for The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom, the Tsubasa feature FUNimation recently released as part of its Tsubasa/xxxHOLIC double feature, they’ve […]

"Dragonball Z" The Glory of Trunks

by Dukeon March 1, 2008
After thirty episodes of having the good guys fight against a single bad guy, it’s about time Dragonball Z spiced things up a bit. Luckily, a certain purple-haired time traveler is about to appear… Previously, the Z-Fighters still alive had traveled to Namek to acquire their Dragonballs and revive their dead comrades. However, Vegeta and […]

"Dragonball" Heed the Call of the Magic Dragonballs

by Dukeon March 1, 2008
After all the hubbub over Dragonball Z and its various releases, it’s rather easy to forget the series that started it all: Dragonball. Luckily, FUNimation hasn’t forgotten and has given us a taste of the classic with three of the four movies in a thinpak boxset. Since FUNimation is advertising this as the first movie, […]

"Dragonball Z": The Past and the Future Collide in the Present

by Dukeon February 20, 2008
Back when FUNimation started dubbing Dragonball Z in-house, they soon realized that the franchise was popular enough to support additional releases. Soon after, they put out two specials, The History of Trunks and Bardock: The Father of Goku. Now, these ancient releases have come back in remastered form. In The History of Trunks, we get […]

"DuckTales": From Globe-Hopping to Multi-Parters. Yay?

by Dukeon February 15, 2008
While many of the classic Disney Afternoon shows have both their fans and their haters, DuckTales seems an exception. I guess everyone loves seeing Scrooge McDuck get richer and richer. For the uninitiated: DuckTales centers on Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the city of Duckburg. He’s so rich he dumps all his petty cash […]

"The Slayers": Welcome Back, Dragon Spooker

by Dukeon January 21, 2008
You know, out of all the genres that make up anime, fantasy seems to be the most underused. Sure, series involving magic have gotten a boost thanks to Harry Potter, but most are like Negima or Maburaho, taking place in the present day. Very few anime series are based on the classic sword and magic, […]

"Dragonball Z": This Is the Show That Never Ends. It Goes On and On Without End

by Dukeon January 10, 2008
Do you realize that it’s been over ten years since Dragonball Z first aired on American TV? That it’s been almost twenty since it premiered in Japan? And yet, it lives on. Dozens of single DVDs, lots of movies, a successful video game franchise, a live-action movie that is kind-of/sort-of being made. And now we […]

"Tactics" Ends Wonderfully

by Dukeon January 7, 2008
After a long bout of waiting, endless delays, and a lack of answers from company representatives, Tactics Volume 5 was finally released last summer. Now maybe it will stop being the black sheep of Manga’s catalog. Previously, Raiko Minamoto, and Doji Ibaragi had continued their quest to awaken the true Demon-Eating Goblin residing inside Haruka, […]