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Dreamworks in Talks to Open New Studio in China

by darkdetectiveon November 30, 2011
Dreamworks Animation is planning on expanding, it would seem. It’s planning to set up a joint venture studio in Shanghai, China, possibly as soon as next year January. Dreamworks and the other partners involved in the joint venture could invest about two billion dollars in the Dreamwoks East studio, and the new studio could be […]

NYCC2011: MAD Panel Report

by darkdetectiveon October 23, 2011
When they started taking questions from the audience, the first question asked was will there be any Doctor Who spoofs, to which Kevin responded that he thought about it, but wasn’t sure if Doctor Who was popular enough for one. He asked the crowd if they’d like to see one, and after receiving an enthusiastic […]

NYCC2011: Day 3 Photo Gallery (Displays, Cosplay, Self-Portraits)

by darkdetectiveon October 17, 2011
Here’s a selection of our photos taken on day 3 of the 2011 New York Comic Con. Click any thumbnail to enlarge: CON FLOOR DISPLAYS SELF-PORTRAITS darkdetective and Harley Return to Toonzone’s 2011 New York Comic Con Coverage Roundup

NYCC2011: Classic Warner Brothers/Hanna-Barbera Blu-ray Panel Report

by darkdetectiveon October 17, 2011
Will Friedwald began talking about the various kinds of music one can hear in Looney Tunes shorts, from classical to jazz. Ford compared Carl Stalling, the composer of the scores one hears in Looney Tunes shorts, to Stravinsky. Levy explained that Looney Tunes was Warner Brothers’ answer to Disney. The music moves at such a […]

NYCC2011: "Wahoo! Magic School Bus": An Event For The Kids

by darkdetectiveon October 17, 2011
The kids didn’t have to stay home today! Wahoo! Magic School Bus was an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved children’s series I’m sure many readers have fond memories of. An actress who looked and sounded terribly like Ms. Frizzle got on stage as copies of The Magic School Bus and the […]

Nintendo Partners With Dreamworks For 3D Content

by darkdetectiveon October 5, 2011
Nintendo has partnered with Dreamworks Animation to bring two new 3D shorts to premiere on Nintendo’s 3DS video game system. The short, entitled “Night of the Living Carrots” and “The Pig Who Cried Werewolf,” will be starring the characters from Monsters vs. Aliens and Shrek, respectively, and will debut on the Nintendo 3DS video service […]

"The Lion King 3D": Better Than I Remembered, and I Ain’t Lion

by darkdetectiveon September 23, 2011
What is fantastic about a re-release like this is that tons of kids who had never seen this masterpiece before can see it, and on the big screen. I actually took my little sister with me, and practically the entire theater was full of adults who were taking the younger generation to share an experience […]

"Bambi II": The Potential Was There

by darkdetectiveon August 31, 2011
Bambi is one of Disney’s most beloved classics. Naturally, some five years ago the company decided to cash in on it with an unnecessary sequel, which has recently been re-released to Blu-ray. Bambi itself was a story about the circle of life, and it ended in a place that didn’t leave much room for a […]

Fox Comedy In The Works Starring Reynolds And Bullock

by darkdetectiveon August 28, 2011
Deadline reports that Fox has a new animated production in the works, starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. The comedy, titled And Then There Was Gordon, centers around an ordinary child growing up in a house full of geniuses. The script will be co-written be Ryan Reynolds and Allan Loeb.

"The Fox and the Hound 2-Movie Collection":People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

by darkdetectiveon August 16, 2011
To celebrate The Fox and the Hound‘s 30th anniversary, Disney has brought the movie and its direct-to-video sequel to Blu-ray in a 2-movie collection. The Fox and the Hound is a timeless tale of friendship between two unlikely pals. While it was a financially successful film, it also came at a time when the studio […]