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Nickelodeon Brings Turtles Forever To DVD

by darkdetectiveon June 9, 2010
TVShowsOnDVD has learned the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Forever, previously aired on the CW4KIDS Saturday morning cartoon block, is coming to DVD. The film serves as a crossover between the original 80’s TV show and the one that came out in 2003. According to Amazon it will unfortunately be in full screen. One notable […]

Technicolor Making First Animated TV Show Based on Berke Breathed Book

by darkdetectiveon June 8, 2010
The L.A. Times reported today film processing firm Technicolor is making it’s first animated TV show based on Opus and Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed’s children’s book Pete and Pickles. The book is about an unlikely friendship between a free-spirited circus elephant and a strait-laced pig. Technicolor hopes to eventually move on to feature films.

Cube Creative Prods. Plans First Animated Feature Film

by darkdetectiveon June 8, 2010
Variety reports Cube Creative Prods., one of France’s stereoscopic 3D pioneers, is set to produce its first feature cartoon, “Flying Bazar!!” The film is about a young airplane named Bird, who leads a flying display team made up of wacky aircraft. They must compete at a gigantic international airshow to enable Bird’s grandpa, Doc, a […]

Cartoon Network Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

by darkdetectiveon June 4, 2010
Next fall Cartoon Network plans to launch an anti-bullying campaign using well known cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo. Unlike many bullying programs, this one is geared toward middle school, where experts say bullying is most common. It also targets not bullies nor the bullied, but kids who witness bullying, giving them appropriate […]

KaboingTV Is Fully Funded

by darkdetectiveon May 27, 2010
Joe Murray’s KaboingTV project is now fully funded with $2010 to spare, the animator reports. The extra money will be used to polish current Frog in a Suit episodes, or make new ones. Although it’s fully funded, donations are still being accepted for the next 8 days or so. Those who donate can get their […]

Marina Sirtis to Play Queen Bee in "Young Justice"

by darkdetectiveon May 27, 2010
Marina Sirtis, the actress who played Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be playing the villain Queen Bee in the upcoming Young Justice series on Cartoon Network. The revelation was made by Sirtis in an interview with Toxic Pop at the Motor City Comic Con. (via

Fox Developing Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series

by darkdetectiveon May 26, 2010
According to FishbowlLA, Fox is developing a Napoleon Dynamite animated series with Jared and Jerusha Hess, the creators of the movie. Most of the original cast from the movie will be reprising their roles. Fox’s Animation Domination seems to be expanding, seeing how Bob’s Burgers was also announced. Some theorize American Dad will be canceled […]

Toonzone Interviews Joe Murray on "Frog in a Suit" and KaboingTV

by darkdetectiveon May 26, 2010
who embraced it, and here we are attempting to fund the first few episodes with backing by the audience and fans. TZN: What spurned you on to create it? JM: I finished a book last year called Creating Cartoons with Character that will be out this summer through Random House/Watson-Guptill Press. In it, I talk […]