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Microsoft Begins XBox One Hype Barrage

by Daniel Clarkon June 4, 2013
We are mere days away from the Electronic Entertainment Expo ‚Äď lovingly or catatonically referred to as E3 ‚Äď and Microsoft has begun making pre-emptive strikes to hype its new Xbox One cable-music-gamer-all-in-one black box of presumed joy. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and entertainment studios president Nancy Tellem were dispatched to Hollywood from Microsoft HQ […]

New XBox One Revealed

by Daniel Clarkon May 21, 2013
The only thing missing from Microsoft‚Äôs unveiling of the new Xbox One gaming console system was dancing Vegas showgirls. The company announced their new entertainment and gaming console system live on Spike network with a presentation that would have been right at home in Vegas. After boring everybody to tears with the usual preamble about […]


Tomb Raider Gets Three New Maps

by Daniel Clarkon March 19, 2013
If you have an Xbox 360 and own ‚ÄúTomb Raider‚ÄĚ ‚Äď good news, now you won‚Äôt have to stop at the gas station and ask directions because three new multiplayer maps were released on the Xbox marketplace today as part of the ‚ÄúCaves and Cliffs‚ÄĚ DLC. The three new maps are for The Burning Village […]

Two New Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Revealed

by Daniel Clarkon January 9, 2013
The¬†Pok√©mon Company announced yesterday the upcoming release date of¬†Pok√©mon X and¬†Pok√©mon Y. Today, they’ve revealed the identity of the two new¬†Pok√©mon shown towards the end of yesterday’s trailer as the¬†Legendary¬†Pok√©mon,¬†Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us) and Yveltal (ee-VELL-tall). Pok√©mon X and¬†Pok√©mon Y will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013. The original announcement may be found here.¬†For […]

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Scientists Have Decreed 2013 To Be The Year Of The Cool Video Game

by Daniel Clarkon January 7, 2013
Scientists have completed their research and turned their computers off so it‚Äôs official ‚Äď 2013 is the Year of the Cool Video Game. Since there are so many cool games¬† and nobody has the attention span nor the caffeination levels required to make it through an explanation of all of them ‚Äď we narrow it […]