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Transformers Animated Cast Expands

by Conekilleron July 7, 2007
According to voice actor David Kaye at this years Botcon, here are the following announced voices for the upcoming Transformers Animated. Info courtesy of The Allspark reporting onsite at Botcon: Bumblebee – Bumper Robinson (apparently in a Chris Rock-esque performance) Bulkhead – Bill Fagerbakke Prowl – Jeff Bennett Ultra Magnus – also Jeff Bennett Arcee […]

"TMNT": A Shell of a Good Time

by Conekilleron March 23, 2007
Forget re-makes and re-packaging. TMNT does open with a brief backstory about the turtles and how they were mutated by a strange goo and trained as ninjas by their rodent mentor, Splinter. But for the most part the movie just assumes its audience will know all about them. In fact, key items shown at the […]

Plot Details on Pixar’s "Wall E"

by Conekilleron March 1, 2007
Jim Hill Media reports on some plot details from Wall E. Among the highlights: – Wall E is the last of a group of robots sent to an uninhabitable Earth by humans hundreds of years ago to clean up the planet. – A sleek new robot shows up and gets the attention of the titular […]

"ReBoot" Artbook to Premiere at NYCC

by Conekilleron February 22, 2007
The Art of ReBoot will be shown under a glass case at New York Comic-Con this weekend (Feb. 23-25). The book will feature rendered images from the milestone Mainframe series as well as character designs and new art from featured comic book artists. The book is expected to go on sale shortly. Sneak peeks can […]

Optimus Prime’s Voice Cast for "Transformers" Movie

by Conekilleron July 26, 2006
In an announcement during a San Diego Comic-Con panel, the voice for Autobot leader Optimus Prime in the upcoming live action Transformers film has been confirmed to be Peter Cullen. Cullen played Prime in the original “Generation 1” Transformers cartoon and currently provides his voice for various Toonami ads on Cartoon Network. See the full […]

"Transformers" Live Action Movie Greenlit

by Conekilleron March 5, 2006
Producer Don Murphy has announced on his message board that the live action Transformers movie has been officially greenlit. In addition, Ian Bryce, the project’s Line Producer, mentions that casting for the human characters is underway and that casting for the Transformers themselves will come at a later date. Furthermore, shooting is “gearing up” to […]

"Venture Bros." DVD and Season 2 Timeframe

by Conekilleron January 31, 2006
TVShowsOnDVD reports via creator Jackson Publick’s blog that we can expect the first season of Venture Bros. to be released on DVD “sometime in May.” DVD artwork will be done by famed comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz. In addition, the second season Venture Bros. is scheduled to begin airing the second Sunday of June on […]

"Burst Angel" Vol. 1: Louisa May Alcott Rolls in Her Grave

by Conekilleron November 14, 2005
Hot chicks with guns. Giant robots. Fanservice. These are the stereotypes that pepper many an anime series. But Studio GONZO, experts in the unoriginal, accidentally added another stereotype to the equation: “whiney male sidekick.” Thus, Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) was born! Jo, Meg, Amy and Sei are a group of super powered, but absurdly dressed, […]

Producer Announced for "Halo" Movie

by Conekilleron October 5, 2005
Bungie reports that Lord of the Rings and King Kong director Peter Jackson will be producing the live action Halo movie, based off the X-box game franchise.

"Loonatics Unleashed": No Cheers from the Kiddies

by Conekilleron September 14, 2005
“I feel like I’ve seen something like that before” -Gabriel, age 11 Gotta love kids for their brutal honesty. I had the chance to get an early look at KidsWB’s new Loonatics Unleashed and took advantage of the situation by watching it with my younger brothers: Gabriel, who’s 11, and Daniel, who’s 8. That way […]