"The Looney Tunes Show" Coming to DVD on Sept 27, 2011 (UPDATED)

The Looney Tunes Show, the 2011 Cartoon Network series starring the Looney Tunes characters comes to DVD on 9/27/11 for $14.97. It will contain the first four episodes: – Best Friends / Grilled Cheese – Members Only / I’m a Martian / Bubble Trouble – Jailbird and Jailbunny / Blow My Stack – Fish and […]

"Arakawa Under the Bridge": It's Cool to Be Homeless!

Arakawa: Under the Bridge is a difficult show to objectively critique, because it’s a comedy, meaning that either you laugh, or you don’t. I didn’t, for the most part, but Arakawa might send others into hysterics. The best I can do is describe its premise, some of its set pieces, and the things I did […]

Sentai Filmworks Announces New November Titles Including "Loups=Garous"

Three new anime titles are set for November releases, two of which were recently announced as licenses at Anime Expo ’11, and the other only a day ago. The first is Loups=Garous, a sci-fi feature film about a near future society with a dramatically decreased population and a group of girls who desire human contact […]

Media Blasters Announces New November Titles Including "Bakuman"

Bakuman, a comedy series from J.C. Staff about two high school students who want to become manga artists, comes to DVD on 11/29/11 for $24.99. Its first part (running 175 minutes) will contain both English and Japanese languages. Additionally, Squid Girl‘s second half comes out on 11/15/11 for $24.99, with a 150 minute running time. […]

RIP Corny Cole (1930-2011)

Layout and background artist Corny Cole passed away on 8/8/11 at the age of 80. He worked at numerous studios during his life, including at Warner Bros. on a few early ’60s Looney Tunes shorts, and at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises on various Pink Panther shorts. He also worked as an animator, such as on Raggedy Ann […]

FUNimation Announces New Nov. Titles Including "Chaos;Head"

New FUNimation anime titles in the month of November include: * Chaos;Head Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack): 11/29/2011 – 300 min. – $64.98/$69.98 (limited edition) * Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 (Blu-ray): 11/8/2011 – 425 min. – $34.98 * Dragon Ball Z Movie Pack 1 (movies 1-5): 11/1/2011 – 287 min. – $29.98 * Fairy […]

"Katanagatari" Part 1: Yakety Yak

Katanagatari is one of the most aggressively boring shows I’ve seen in a long time. In some ways, being aggressively boring is worse than being aggressively bad, because at least bad shows can inspire extreme reactions, and can even be memorable as a result (even if you don’t want to remember them). But with a […]

Media Blasters Announces New October Titles Including "Twelve Kingdoms" Part 2

Two new Media Blasters anime titles are slated for October: * Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Part 2 (DVD): 10/25/11 – 150 min. – $29.99 * Twelve Kingdoms Part 2 (Blu-ray): 10/11/11 – 475 min. – $59.99 [Source: Right Stuf ]

Sentai & Maiden Japan Announce New October Titles Including "Himawari!"

Sentai Filmworks and Maiden Japan, two of Section23 Films’s labels, have announced the anime slate for October. As previously reported, Himawari! was licensed by Maiden Japan. It now has a release date of 10/25/11 for its complete first season. The DVD set will cost $49.98 and runs 325 minutes. It is in Japanese with English […]

FUNimation Announces New October Titles Including "Darker Than Black" S2

October is a pretty light month in terms of new FUNimation anime. The only new release is Darker Than Black‘s second season, which will be released on 10/18/11 in both regular ($59.98) and limited edition ($64.98) Blu-ray/DVD combo sets. Both sets will also include the OAVs, and will run 400 minutes total. The rest are […]

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