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Adventure Time – “Holly Jolly Secrets” Recap

by chdron December 6, 2011
In a special two-part holiday episode, Jake digs up a box of secret VHS tapes belonging to the Ice King. Finn, Jake, and Beemo spend the day indoors digging through the tapes, searching for the reason why the Ice King would want them buried. As the King realizes his incriminating videos have been unearthed, he […]

Regular Show – “Cruisin'” – Recap

by chdron November 29, 2011
Inspired by a cheesy movie, Mordecai and Rigby decide that the best way to pick up phone numbers from women is to go cruisin’ around town in a sweet ride. Margaret and Eileen are offended at the guys’ chauvinistic remarks and incredulously make a wager: if Mordecai and Rigby can’t pick up two numbers by […]

Adventure Time – “The New Frontier” Recap

by chdron November 28, 2011
Jake awakens from a prophetic croak dream involving a space shuttle, a banana man, and death via asphyxiation. While Jake calmly accepts his mortality, Finn begins to worry for his safety when elements of the dream start appearing in real life. Finn will do anything to prevent the dream from coming to pass, even if […]

Adventure Time – “Thank You” Recap

by chdron November 24, 2011
In a special Thanksgiving episode of Adventure Time, the focus on Finn and Jake is eschewed in favor of a snow golem living nearby. The golem’s uneventful day is interrupted by a raucous firewolf, abandoned from the rest of its pack. The golem cares for the wolf as a pet but eventually realizes that he […]

Adventure Time – “Jake vs. Me-Mow” Recap

by chdron November 22, 2011
A seemingly benign lunch with Wildberry Princess turns deadly when Jake finds an unwanted guest in one of her famous meat pies. The miniature assassin-in-training Me-Mow decides to salvage her mission to kill Wildberry Princess by hiding inside Jake’s nose and giving him an ultimatum: assassinate the princess or die from a poison injection. After […]

Adventure Time – “No One Can Hear You” Recap

by chdron November 14, 2011
In the process of rescuing the Candy Kingdom from a sugar-hungry deer, Finn breaks both of his legs and Jake sustains a serious head injury. Finn wakes up in the hospital to find the entire kingdom deserted, save for a trash-rummaging Jake. Jake claims that everyone is planning a surprise birthday party for him, but […]

Adventure Time – “Beautopia” Recap

by chdron November 7, 2011
Susan Strong returns to the treehouse to convince Finn and Jake to take back her mutant tribe’s original subterranean home of Beautopia from the mysterious and deadly “glub-glubs”. Finn agrees to light Beautopia’s massive torch, but Jake is suspicious of both Susan’s sanity and identity.  While it’s only been less than a year since the […]

Adventure Time – “From Bad to Worse” Recap

by chdron October 24, 2011
An oversight by Princess Bubblegum when dealing with chemical experiments leads to another zombie outbreak in the Candy Kingdom. While Finn and his friends have the notes on how to make the zombie antidote, the Princess’ incapacitation forces the gang to jerry-rig their own solutions out of lab chemicals. As room for error literally shrinks […]

Adventure Time – “The Creeps” Recap

by chdron October 17, 2011
Finn and Jake get an anonymous invitation to a dinner party in a creepy manor. Cordial fun with Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo, and Cinnamon Bun come to a screeching halt when the party is revealed to be a ruse orchestrated by a murderous ghost. The guests fight for their life in a haunted […]

Adventure Time – “Apple Thief” Recap

by chdron October 3, 2011
Finn and Jake spend the day at Tree Trunk’s house hoping for some of her delicious apple pie. Unfortunately for them, their pie-eating dreams are dashed when Tree Trunks’ special apples go missing. An apprehensive Tree Trunks joins them as they look for her apples in the seedy underbelly of the Candy Kingdom. Missing fruits […]