"The Princess and the Frog": The Beignets and the Bogged-Down

Everyone knows the story of the frog prince. A prince was turned into a frog, and it took a kiss by a princess to turn him back to human. Disney has turned the classic fairy tale on its tail (as well as moved it to New Orleans) by having the kiss turn the princess into […]

"South Park" Season 13: Do You Like Fishsticks?

"Dragonball Z: Dragon Box 2" Did You Buy the First One?

Battle has shifted to the far-off planet of Namek, and the race is on for the Namekian Dragonballs. Goku is in critical care after his battle with Vegeta, so Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma are off ahead of schedule to try to track down the Dragonballs and resurrect their friends. At the same time, newly defeated […]

"Evangelion 1.01: You Are (Not) Alone" In Thinking There Should Be More Here

FUNimation has recently released Evangelion 1.11 to DVD. Don’t be misled: This is not the second movie in the Evangelion Rebuild tetralogy. It’s the “fixed” version of 1.01: You Are (Not) Alone. Certain segments were color corrected, and around three minutes of new animation was added. This upgrade is indistinguishable from the original without comparing […]

"Castle In The Sky": Lofty Goals?

Legends speak of a castle, sailing high through the air, known as Laputa. One man has seen the island and lived to tell about it, but his crazy stories have left him an outcast. His son means to find this island in order to prove his father right, and he may get his wish after […]

"Blassreiter Part 2": The Pale Rider's Mission Is Justice

The Xenogensis Assault Team is no more, ripped to shreds by their former leader, Wolf, with only Amanda escaping the carnage. Only the mysterious Joseph, with his ability to turn into a Blassreiter, can help take down the mutant forces he shares DNA with. Can Amanda and Joseph save Germany from utter destruction and redeem […]

"Rin: Daughters Of Mnemosyne" Stabbed Through The Heart, And You're To Thank

What do you do when you’re immortal? If you’re Rin and Mimi, you open up a private detective firm, using the centuries of knowledge at your disposal. Rin does the legwork and usually gets blown apart as she tries to save a client, while Mimi takes a digital dive through the ever-advancing world of hacking […]

"Dragonaut: The Resonance Part 2" The Saltine Cracker of Anime

The Dragonauts are humans who have undergone Resonance, or bonding, with their dragon compatriots. These dragon allies can take on a human form and blend in with society. While the Dragonauts were once in unison tracking down Jin and his two dragon allies Toa and Gio, now they’re all on the run as the world […]

The Force Is Strong with "Something Something Something Dark Side"

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … Or, well, two or so years ago, in a store in your town … The Family Guy guys decided to turn one of its cutaway gags into a whole episode, complete with its own cutaway gags. Instead of doing a five-second parody, Seth MacFarlane […]

"Shoujo Art Studio": Blandify Your Manga!

Ever wanted to draw this newfangled Japanese art called “manga”? Do you have no talent whatsoever, but access to PhotoShop? Shoujo Art Studio can show you how to make those little girl comics that are such a hit with the squealing fangirls of both America and Japan, with little to no creativity or effort on […]

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