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"Titan Maximum" Punches The %&$# Out Of Other DVDs

by Chad Boninon August 11, 2010
The war between Saturn’s moon Titan and Mars has ended, and peace reigns once again. The heroic Titan Force Five ended the war with their super robot, Titan Maximum, piloted by blowhard Commander Palmer, Paris Hilton-wannabe daughter of the President of Titan, Sasha Caylo, girl-next-door Jodi Yanarella, master planner Gibson “Gibbs” Giberstein, and lovable drug-addled […]

"The Splendid Magic Of Penny Arcade" Is Honestly Splendid Magic

by Chad Boninon August 6, 2010
Over a decade ago, two gamers sat down on a couch and played video games together. This act has been going on for years, but these two guys started a revolution. On one hand, they ignited the concept of webcomics, challenged the gaming industry, and defended it at the same time. On the other hand, […]

"Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple" Stops Dead in the Path of the Warrior

by Chad Boninon July 23, 2010
At least in its animated form, Kenichi‘s run as the mightiest disciple comes to its end in the Season 2 Part 2 set. But while the series definitely covers his growth as a student, in no way does it show his final paths, or show the student becoming a master. It’s annoying to not get […]

"Dragonball Z: Dragon Box 3" Third Time’s a Charmer

by Chad Boninon June 2, 2010
Goku must finish his fight with Freeza. Gohan must return to his fight with Garlic Jr. Trunks must start the fight with the Androids. That’s a lot of fighting. Does Dragon Ball Z hit its stride in the third Dragon Box without dragging on, or do the plots fly by too fast to have any […]

"Dragonball Z Kai" Volume 1: Is It Still Over 9000?

by Chad Boninon May 31, 2010
The mighty Saiyans have landed on Earth, and it’s up to the Z Warriors to face off against the otherworldly aggressors. With Goku dying in the initial skirmish, his son and allies must prepare for the upcoming battle, while he trains in the afterlife for his fated battle. Twenty years ago this battle was fought […]

"Strike Witches": Strike Three, You’re OUT!

by Chad Boninon May 19, 2010
In the 1940’s, the world was in turmoil. Against a threat from beyond our shores, we sent out the best and brightest. They were skilled. They were young. They wore panties. What, you don’t remember how, in 1939, a second Great War broke out between humanity and aliens? You don’t remember how teenage witches, powered […]

"X-Men Volume 5" Is It Bad the Best Episode Doesn’t Even Star the X-Men?

by Chad Boninon May 10, 2010
The final battles of the X-Men are at hand. Mojo returns, the Phalanx Covent arrives, and the graduation day at Xavier’s School rolls around. In the real world, though, the final battles of X-Men are definitely not at hand. Volume 5 of the series’s DVD release mashes together random episodes and arcs, but no real […]

"Shaolin Hand Lock": The Joyless Lock Club

by Chad Boninon May 6, 2010
The Shaolin Hand Lock is a fearsome attack that can effectively kill an opponent in seconds. It has only one weakness, and that’s an attack to the sides, which can easily be deflected by a metal vest. Only one family knows of this attack, and most of them have been taken out by the murderous […]

"Kenichi, The Mightiest Disciple" Needs to Learn New Moves

by Chad Boninon April 14, 2010
The mightiest disciple around is back for a second season of episodes, and continues to train under the world’s greatest while taking on all comers. Across these two discs, Kenichi joins with the Shinpaku Alliance in a few battles against Ragnarok, the villainous group that has no clear motive. Only twice are real stakes raised […]

"Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars": Wii!

by Chad Boninon April 1, 2010
The Versus Series expands into new territory, pitting some of Capcom’s greatest characters against the heroes and villains of Japanese animation. Years ago, the Street Fighters clashed against the X-Men, the Marvel Super Heroes, the entire Marvel Universe, and the SNK fighting characters, and now the Capcom legends face off against some of the Tatsunoko’s […]