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"The Ricky Gervais Show": Insane Ramblings of a Perfectly Circular Headcase

by Chad Boninon January 17, 2011
The design work is award winning, though honestly, it’s a little hard to see why. True, there are no real faults: monkeys are monkeys, the two actors you’ve seen from British television are recognizable once you see them morph from live-action to animation, and that perfectly circular head is perfectly circular. If anything can be […]

"SWAT Kats": 90’s Talking Animals, Japanese Turbo-Boosting

by Chad Boninon January 13, 2011
Jake and Chance, two rising stars in The Enforcers, have been forced to give up their careers when a botched mission results in millions of dollars in damage. Using their new junk yard jobs to fund their vigilante mission to defend Megakat City, they save the day with their Turbo Kat fighter jet (and a […]

"The Dukes": Running from the Law Was Never This Boring

by Chad Boninon December 23, 2010
The Dukes of Hazzard county are leaving their home! In a global race with Boss Hogg to win money to save their family farm, they’ll travel to all sorts of destinations. Leprechauns, ghosts, and even the old Loch Ness Monster will have to cringe at the sound of the Dixie horn blaring from the General […]

"My Bride Is A Mermaid: Part 2" Fresh caught or flounder?

by Chad Boninon December 18, 2010
Nagasumi and Sun’s forbidden love is in murky waters. Sun’s family and friends want them to break up and for her to return home, while Nagasumi has to spend half his time covering up Sun’s secret: she’s a mermaid, and the only reason they’re getting married is so she won’t have to be killed for […]

"Metalocalypse Season 3" The beat rocks on

by Chad Boninon December 9, 2010
The show continues to have an amazing voice cast. Brendon Small covers most of the band, with Tommy Blacha covering the other chunk alongside the iconic Dr. Rockzo (the rock-and-roll clown that does cocaine). Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell appear frequently throughout the series in appreciated roles, but you can tell that the writing crew […]

"Dragonball Z Kai: Part 2" Fast Forward Through the Slow Parts

by Chad Boninon December 6, 2010
As the battle with Vegeta nears an end, a greater threat lies on the horizon: Frieza, the intergalactic planet broker, has his eyes set on the Dragonballs of Namek, the home planet of Piccolo and the wish-granting orbs. It’s a race to an alien planet, to determine the fate of the universe. Dragonball Z Kai […]

"Dragonball Z: Dragon Box 4" Mechanically Inclined

by Chad Boninon November 5, 2010
The threat of the Androids is at hand. With Goku dealing with a life-threatening illness, it’s up to the other Z Warriors to tackle Dr. Gero’s monstrous creations. With Trunks’ portents from the future not coming completely true, the heroes are left wondering: how many more robotic creations must they face to save the day? […]

"The Cleveland Show: Season 1" African-American Dad or Black Family Guy?

by Chad Boninon October 25, 2010
The Cleveland Show is a spin-off from Family Guy. But is it nothing more than, as they joke in a commentary, “Black Family Guy”? Comparison to Family Guy are unavoidable, and it is full of familiar tropes. Cleveland is Peter, if only much more loving to his family and less idiotic. Donna is the traditional […]

"Casshern Sins": 24 Bleak Episodes

by Chad Boninon October 14, 2010
Casshern, at some point in the recent past, killed Luna, and without Luna all of robotkind has been slowly reverting to dust and rust. Now, every robot on the cursed Earth wants to track Casshern down, because those who kill him will be granted eternal life. Casshern himself wants to live, and doesn’t even remember […]

"Shuffle!": There Are Some Jokers in This Pack

by Chad Boninon August 18, 2010
Years ago, the worlds of the devils and the gods were opened to Earth. No war broke out, and humanity wasn’t enslaved. In fact, we all got along pretty well. Rin is just a normal human attending high school alongside his tomboyish friend Asa and childhood friend Kaeda. When the daughters of the King of […]