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"Blue Gender": Don’t Get Attached to Anybody

by Chad Boninon March 4, 2004
“You have to let me fight! I’m not a baby; I can pull my own weight!” It is the year 2031. Mysterious, humongous insects called the Blue have destroyed civilization. With the use of mechs called Armored Strikes, a militaristic group seems to be the only people on Earth. Their goal is to get back […]

"Kiddy Grade" Vol. 1 Big on Action, Short on Story

by Chad Boninon March 4, 2004
G.O.T.T., The Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, ES Members Éclair and Lumiere are essentially the police of the future, with a penchant for disguises, the trailer states. Tracking down criminals, they use their special abilities (Éclair has some special lipstick that either lets her Hulk out or gain a whip and Lumiere can control […]