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"Gravion, Vol. 1": Big Robots and Big Breasts

by Chad Boninon July 30, 2004
The world is in the need of a new legend. The mysterious Sandman has forged him out of iron and steel. He is the God Gravion, a gestalt mech piloted by six kids ready to save the world from the Zeravire, mysterious metallic life forms ready to destroy the planet. I’ve always been a fan […]

"Blue Gender: The Warrior" Offers Great Romance and Giant Roaches

by Chad Boninon July 17, 2004
Yuji Kaido has been in suspended animation for two decades, thanks to a mysterious blood illness. But when he awakes, will his mutation be the saving factor in humanity’s fight against the Blue? Can he melt the ice-cold exterior of Marlene, an all-business military soldier? Or, in this world with little hope, will her heart […]

"Kiddy Grade" Case Two: Secretaries, Cyborgs, and Space Cases!

by Chad Boninon July 12, 2004
Working for the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT), Eclair and Lumiere are the Charlie’s Angels for a new millennium. That is, if you ignore the fact that there’s only two of them, one of whom is a tweener who loves wine and opera and the other of whom is a lipstick-powered cyborg with […]

"Blue Gender, Volume 3": Roll Dice, And He’ll Shoot You

by Chad Boninon July 8, 2004
Yuji Kaido has been in a cryogenic slumber for decades. Upon awaking, he found that the Earth had been evacuated because of the Blue—gigantic, destructive bugs that had overrun the planet. But he has been rescued by Marlene, a military official sent to retrieve him and other “samples” from the cryogenic site and take him […]

"Goldenboy": Raunchy Romp Is Essential Part of Any Anime Collection

by Chad Boninon June 29, 2004
After completing all the requisite courses for a law degree from Tokyo University, Kintaro Oe, 25, set off to study the world. With his trusty bike, a handy notebook, and a knack for cleaning toilets, is Kintaro Oe destined to save the world, or is he destined to get killed lusting after women? Kintaro Oe […]

Central Park’s "Anime Test Drive" Might Need a Tune-Up

by Chad Boninon June 21, 2004
U.S. Manga Corps and Central Park Media have been trying something new recently: a line of single-episode, trailer-packed DVDs to give viewers (as the title suggests) an “Anime Test Drive.” So you not only get to take one episode of a series for a spin around the block, you get to kick the tires on […]

"Blue Gender (Vol. 2)": More Blue, More Deaths

by Chad Boninon June 2, 2004
When Yuji sees a young girl about to be slaughtered by the Blue, his selfless actions endanger both the Sleeper Recovery Team and the refugees holed up in a makeshift camp. All the while, Yuji notices the harsh reality of relationships in this bleak future. Can Yuji’s naivete break down Marlene’s frosty exterior. More pressing […]

"Fruits Basket (Vol. 2)" Mixes Into a Wonderful Smoothie

by Chad Boninon June 2, 2004
Fruits Basket Volume 1 (previous review) was a great DVD: Six episodes of a terrific story packaged with good extras. Does Volume 2 keep it up? Oh yeah. In fact, this one may be even better. The background: After her mother died, Tohru Honda ended up living with the Sohmas. (Kyo’s the brash one, Yuki’s […]

"Fruits Basket": Take a Break From Superpowered Fighters

by Chad Boninon April 22, 2004
Tohru Honda, a warrior from the Saiyan race… no, that’s not it. Tohru Honda, after awakening from cryogenic slumber… no, that’s Blue Gender. Accepted into the Galaxy Police? Nope. A legendary thief? Too goody-goody to steal. Super-powered officer armed with lipstick? Er, not going to happen. Tohru’s just a girl. No special powers. When her […]

"Abenobashi" Vol. 1: Worth its Weight in Weirdness

by Chad Boninon March 4, 2004
Arumi and Sasshi are two regular 12-year old kids from Osaka, Japan’s “deep south.” For some reason, they’ve been knocked out of their own world into parallel worlds. A cross-dresser is now a superhero, Arumi’s dad is a champion fighter, and a well-endowed girl named Mune-Mune [“chest-chest” in Japanese -Ed.] is chasing them down for […]