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"Dragonball Z Kai" Part 6: More of the Same, Less of the Lame

by Chad Boninon November 23, 2011
The Androids are attacking! As Gou lays in bed thanks to a debilitating heart disease, it’s up to the other Z Warriors to stave off their attacks. When they decide to go hunting for Goku, they’re sidelined by an even bigger threat. The monstrous Cell has shown himself, and while the Androids hunt for the […]

"Robot Chicken Season 5" Filled With Accessories

by Chad Boninon November 9, 2011
In the vast landscape of television, there is one bright spot on a dark night. Adult Swim regularly features both the amazing and the forgettable, but a few comedies appreciable by all ages and demographics have hit the right spot. One of the longest running (and that means five seasons in this landscape) is Robot […]

"The Transformers: The Headmasters" Less Than Meets The Eye

by Chad Boninon November 7, 2011
With Optimus Prime’s life returned, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons waged on. When new heroes and villains from the planet Master make their allegiances known, a new plateau of warfare is reached. Headmasters, powerful warriors who form the heads of larger mechas, might be the superior force needed to decimate one’s foes. Can […]

"Shin-Chan" Season 3: Shinfully Hilarous

by Chad Boninon October 28, 2011
Ass dance! Ass dance! Shin-Chan is back after a three-year summer vacation, but not much has changed. Action Bastard has a new movie (where he says a dirty word); Shin’s aunt is going to visit for an extended time (recovery from an addiction to “brown brown”); Shin’s dad Hiro has to sell the knork (his […]

"Dragonball Z: Dragon Box 6": The Spiritual Evolution of a Hero?

by Chad Boninon October 24, 2011
Years after the Cell Games, Goku’s family and friends have moved on without him. When the hero returns to Earth for a day of fun and martial arts, the Z-Warriors end up having to save all of humanity. Can Goku save the day as he usually does? The bigger question is, should he? At this […]

"Dance in the Vampire Bund": Shall You Dance?

by Chad Boninon August 29, 2011
Vampires are real! They don’t sparkle in the daylight, and they can actually be pretty demonic looking. They’re led by Mina, a girl who looks no older than 10 but has outlived everyone you know. When the vampires announce their presence to the world, they declare they are relocating to a newly formed, man-made island […]

"Beast Wars": Maximizing or Terrorizing?

by Chad Boninon July 20, 2011
When descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons crash-land on a mysterious planet with no signs of civilization, a new war must be waged. Maximals and Predacons must reformat into animal forms to start off the new Beast Wars! Beast Wars: Transformers was something of a Hail Mary pass in the Transformers mythos. With the franchise […]

"Challenge Of The GoBots" Decidedly Challenged

by Chad Boninon July 7, 2011
Mention “The GoBots” to anyone who’s seen Clerks II, and you will get this response: “The GoBots are the K-Mart of Transformers!” You can see their point. The GoBots got a single, 65-episode series, and one movie where they battled a spinoff toy franchise, Rock Lords. The Transformers, meanwhile, garnered over a dozen television series […]

"Voltron Force: New Defenders Trilogy": Did Anyone Bother to Form The Head?

by Chad Boninon June 16, 2011
Years have passed since Voltron, defender of the universe, was decommissioned after a final victory against the forces of evil. Its members are scattered. But three of the Galaxy Alliance’s Flight Academy students have discovered a mystery related to its decommission, just as a new civil war begins. The evil Prince Lotor is ready to […]

"Twin Spica Vol. 3" Once Upon a Time in Outer Space

by Chad Boninon June 15, 2011
The first class of Japanese students training for space flight have their work cut out for them. After a disastrous manned mission puts a blight on the concept, it’s up to the children of today to prove that we need them as the astronauts of tomorrow. Meek Asumi is aided by the ghost of a […]