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‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Kicks It Up in ‘Born Anew’ and ‘Three Kingdoms’

by Bird Boyon January 26, 2005
Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs have been hitting the shelves for over a year now, and two of the latest, Volume 26: Born Anew and Volume 28: Three Kingdoms are now available. The series is now a decade old. Can these episodes still enthrall new viewers with their animation and storytelling? The short answer is “yes.” […]

Official Titles for Upcoming ‘The Batman’ and ‘Teen Titans’ DVDs

by Bird Boyon January 21, 2005
In the press release for Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy, Season 1, Volume 1, it was announced that the disc would be trailered on two upcoming DC Animation discs — The Batman: Training for Power – Season 1 Vol. 1 and Teen Titans: Switched – Season 1 Vol. 2. No further information is available at this […]

‘Spawn the Animation’ Site Showcases Art and Press Releases

by Bird Boyon January 8, 2005
The Official Spawn Website has a sub-section dedicated to the upcoming “Spawn the Animation.” Included are sketches, turnarounds and color art for the show, depicting the new designs chosen. Additionally, the two press releases previously released are viewable there as well. Click here to view the site.

"Gargoyles" Awaken on DVD, Looking All The Better For Their Age

by Bird Boyon January 5, 2005
Back in the day, Gargoyles was one of the few cartoons on the air that attempted to break its genre’s formula. With Batman: The Animated Series, Gargolyes elevated television action animation from the repetitive, vanilla pit into which it had sunk to new heights of story telling, voice acting, animation, and music. These cartoons gave […]

"The Iron Giant" Special Edition: Spectacular Movie, Fantastic DVD

by Bird Boyon November 11, 2004
The Iron Giant did not perform too well in the theaters. Those who saw it, however, felt something at the end of the movie. The story makes a strong emotional connection with its audience, and it still gets to me every time. That’s what’s earned it a place among the best animated films of all […]

"Return to Xanadu"? More Like "Return to Sender"

by Bird Boyon February 8, 2004
So here I am, reviewing a kid’s film when I’m not exactly a kid. What’s a responsible critic supposed to do? Typically, I guess you do one of two things. Either you pour yourself a big bowl of Lucky Charms, pop the DVD into the player, and munch away while trying to put yourself into […]