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"Captain N and the New Super Mario World": Game Over For This Series

by Bird Boyon January 8, 2008
Over the years, Shout! Factory has dug into the Nintendo vaults and released some absolutely “classic” cartoons on DVD. With video games being hotter than ever, and nostalgia being something the DVD market has always been good at tapping into, Shout! Factory’s releases have definitely struck a chord with video game and DVD buyers. And […]

"The Land Before Time: The Wisdom of Friends": Not so Wise

by Bird Boyon December 8, 2007
So just how long has The Land Before Time series been with us? This film, The Wisdom of Friends, is designated number thirteen in the series, but that’s not counting the various releases the TV show has received. It’s not hard to figure that by this point the property has long since abandoned its roots. […]

"Shrek the Third": This Shrek’s a Wreck

by Bird Boyon December 3, 2007
Shrek the Third is a bit of a mess. The first two films in the series could entertain both children and adults effortlessly, and they had highly original plots. But with Shrek the Third we get what I feared the second film would be: an unoriginal, unentertaining film full of repetitious jokes. The story has […]

"Pinky & the Brain," "Animaniacs" : Nine More Discs of Maniacal Goodness

by Bird Boyon June 21, 2007
Well, this is it—the final volume of Pinky and the Brain. While this series has nowhere near the disc count of Animaniacs—more about which below—the content is just as good. Pinky and the Brain Vol. 3 rounds out their adventures with a set of four discs and a bonus featurette. Naturally, this last volume has […]

"Powerpuff Girls" Season 1 on DVD: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

by Bird Boyon June 19, 2007
It’s odd that, of all Cartoon Network’s breakout hits, The Powerpuff Girls should have taken this long to get a season set release. As disappointing as the wait has been, there’s nothing disappointing about the release itself. Not only does it come in beautiful packaging, it also comes with more than fifty-nine minutes of bonus […]

"Arthur and the Invisibles": Should Have Stayed That Way

by Bird Boyon May 24, 2007
It’s easy to overlook the mess of CGI films that land in theaters in any given year. Just when you think they’ve cleared out the latest infestation of animal movies, another arrives. In the case of Arthur and the Invisibles, I thought this movie was actually Warner’s Ant Bully and really never paid any mind […]

The Very Cool "Cool McCool"

by Bird Boyon May 18, 2007
Cool McCool is one of those 60s shows that faded quickly from the public consciousness soon after airing. Even though it was created by Bob Kane, I had amazingly never heard of it until this DVD release, despite my great interest in his work since childhood. Be that as it may, the series is interesting […]

"Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure": Hey, it’s Watchable

by Bird Boyon May 15, 2007
When you write DVD reviews, the mail will sometimes bring you DVDs you didn’t request. It can be exciting when a mystery package arrives at your door: sometimes they hold nice surprises, but sometimes they don’t. I’m sure most adults can imagine the extreme sense of disappointment I had when I opened one such package […]

"Droopy Complete Theatrical Collection" DVD Makes Me Happy

by Bird Boyon May 14, 2007
The DVD format has spurred companies to release titles they might never have put out on VHS. We’ve seen Warner Home Video take this and run with it, releasing tons of Looney Tunes on DVD, alongside over a dozen Hanna-Barbera TV shows as well. Of late, the entire series of Animaniacs and Pinky and the […]

"Peter Pan" Platinum Edition: We’re Off to Never, Never Land!

by Bird Boyon May 5, 2007
Peter Pan remains one of my all-time favorite Disney animated features, even though I didn’t grow up with it like I did with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. But there’s something about Peter Pan that lets me enjoy it more than other Disney films. Before sitting down and watching it for the first time in […]