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Chaos Ride Launches Trailer

by Alex Beanon January 2, 2015
Hoverbikes are cool. Hoverbikes in the future are cooler. Such is the concept behind “Chaos Ride”, the video game for Android, iOS and PC, which launched their trailer…

Naughty Dog Celebrates 30th Anniversary

by Alex Beanon December 31, 2014
Naughty Dog celebrates their 30th anniversary as a source of video games with a recollection of events leading to their success…

World Of Tanks Special Event: Winter Showdown

by Alex Beanon December 30, 2014
PC game “World of Tanks” has a special winter event to try out on New Year’s Eve or Day – whenever you have the most time on your hands – called “Winter Showdown”…

Open Puzzle Box Will Make Your Puzzler Sore

by Alex Beanon December 29, 2014
A new Open Puzzle Box for the iOS platform is now available outside of South Korea [the good Korea] and it has all the looks of making your puzzler sore…

Call Of Duty Online Live Action Trailer With Chris Evans

by Alex Beanon December 27, 2014
Chris Evans [aka Captain America] makes an appearance in a live action trailer for “Call of Duty” online…

Dicetiny To Debut In 2015

by Alex Beanon December 24, 2014
“Dicetiny” – board-dice-role-playing game combo – will debut for both Android and iOS platforms in 2015…

Basement Crawl Resurfaces As Brawl In Gameplay Trailer

by Alex Beanon December 24, 2014
What had previously been known as “Basement Crawl” has resurfaced as merely “Brawl” for Sony PlayStation 4 in 2015…

Etherium Gameplay Trailer Revealed

by Alex Beanon December 23, 2014
“Etherium” – a new PC-only war game from Focus Interactive – has revealed gameplay footage from the game which will be available for download in 2015…

Battlefield Hardline Karma Gameplay Trailer

by Alex Beanon December 23, 2014
The Karma gameplay trailer for “Battlefield Hardline” has it all – ‘splosions, car chases, cursing, gunplay and bird-flipping – but it’s not available until March 2015…

J-Stars Victory VS+ Trailer

by Alex Beanon December 22, 2014
There is not much to go on in the 21 second announcement that Bandai Namco fighting game “J-Stars Victory+” will be coming to the Sony PlayStation 4 in Summer 2015, but there’s definitely 21 seconds of it….