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LEGO Dimensions – Meet The A-Team [You Will Be So Jelly]

by Alex Beanon July 25, 2016
Meet the members of “The A-Team” from LEGO Dimensions – and that includes Mr. T and his multiple gold chains….

Wonder Woman Revealed On Injustice 2

by Alex Beanon July 23, 2016
You might have been “wonder”-ing how Wonder Woman was going to be depicted on “Injustice 2” [release date: 2017]. Now you can “wonder” no more as Sony PlayStation has revealed what she looks like and what she can do but, alas, no invisible plane…

No Man’s Sky: Trade Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 22, 2016
How will one go about trading in “No Man’s Sky” when the video game becomes available next month [on August 10, 2016]? Will it be like going to the local farmer’s market? Will there be haggling?

SDCC 2016: Conan Does Comic Con

by Alex Beanon July 22, 2016
Conan O’Brien has traveled to the 2016 version of Comic Con for a little superhero cosplay action…

The King Of Fighters XIV: Team China Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 21, 2016
The trailer for Team China [as opposed to Team America…] for the upcoming [August 26, 2016] “The King of Fighters XIV…

No Man’s Sky – Fight Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 20, 2016
“No Man’s Sky” is set to launch next month – here is what some of the fighting will look like in the game…

Free Is A Very Good Price For Life Is Strange

by Alex Beanon July 20, 2016
The first episode of “Life is Strange” is free and as we all know, free is a very good price…

I Am Setsuna: An Unforgettable Journey Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 20, 2016
The launch trailer for the “I Am Setsuna” video game which is available now…

ABZU – Inspiration Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 19, 2016
“ABZU” is not a scuba-diving simulator but it is as close as to simulating the experience of scuba diving as you will find without taking an actual dive before August 2, 2016…

The Assembly: The Induction Trailer For Sony PlayStation VR

by Alex Beanon July 19, 2016
Available later in 2016, here is the trailer titled “The Induction” for Sony PlayStation VR’s “The Assembly”…