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Torment: Tides Of Numenera Announcement Trailer

by Alex Beanon August 5, 2016
The announcement trailer for “Torment: Tides of Numenera” is due out in early 2017 [at which point we hope they will be able to spell “announcement”]…

Overwatch 2016 Summer Games Are Here

by Alex Beanon August 3, 2016
You don’t have to wait until Friday for the Summer Games to begin when you could start playing Lucioball in Overwatch right now…

There Can Be Many Cooks In The Kitchen In Overcooked Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon August 3, 2016
How many cooks is too many cooks in a kitchen? Find out in the launch trailer for “Overcooked”…

Heroes Of The Storm – Auriel Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 30, 2016
Archangel Auriel wields the power of hope as she joins the Nexus and battles evil in the trailer for “Heroes of the Storm”…

The King Of Fighters XIV Brings The Psycho

by Alex Beanon July 29, 2016
It’s the profile for Team Psycho Soldier on “The King of Fighters XIV” [release date: August 26, 2016] and that means watch out for that fire water, it can pack a punch….

World Of Warcraft – Harbingers – Khadgar

by Alex Beanon July 28, 2016
“World of Warcraft” is all about the Legion – unless Khadgar has something to say about it…

Paragon – The Fey Announcement Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 28, 2016
Play the Fey [think of her as a sort of badass Tinkerbell] in “Paragon” beginning on August 2, 2016…

Farming Simulator 17: From Seed To Harvest

by Alex Beanon July 28, 2016
I wouldn’t laugh at the trailer for “Farming Simulator 17: From Seed to Harvest” [release date: October 25, 2016] if you know what’s good for you – those crops in the north forty aren’t going to plow themselves, you know. Well, I suppose they might in this simulator….but that’s not the point!

No Man’s Sky Survive Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 27, 2016
How does one survive in “No Man’s Sky” when it releases next month on August 10, 2016? On bread, water and Nutella or by other means…

PES 2017 FC Barcelona Trailer

by Alex Beanon July 26, 2016
The FC Barcelona trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2017 features fan favorites Messi and Suarez [just try not to have Messi take any PK’s]…