Otakon 2011...It's been over 10 years...really?

Over 10 years…holy cow.  Yours truly has been going to Otakon, the biggest anime con on the East Coast and one of the biggest conventions in the country, and certainly the biggest fan-run convention in the country, for over a decade of my existence.  It’s kinda hard to fathom how much time that is till […]

"Antique Bakery": Sweet, Puffy, and LIght as a Beignet

So, there’s this bakery, somewhere in Tokyo. It’s staffed by a rich pretty boy with a dark past looking to meet chicks; his manservant; a former flyweight boxer with a severe sweet tooth; and a world-class pastry chef known at the “Gay of the Demonic Charm” (No, I’m not making that up, that’s what he […]

FUNimation Acquires DVD and Blu-Ray Rights to "Princess Jellyfish"

FUNimation Inc. has announced the acquisition of the full DVD and Blu-Ray rights to “Princess Jellyfish”, a series they had previous only had the streaming rights to. The show will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in 2012. Toonzone Review of “Princess Jellyfish” by Karl Olson here

Anime Boston 2011: Breakin' Records All Over Da Place

Over 19,000.  No, that’s not a Dragon Ball Z joke, that’s the attendance figure for Anime Boston 2011. To give a little contrast, that’s more people than were at the Boston Bruins playoff game the same night.  So yeah, that’s a lot of folks all coming into the Prudential Center and the Hynes Convention Center to […]

Anime Boston 2011: FUNimation Acquires "Aria the Scarlet Ammo", "Shin Chan" S3

FUNimation has announced the acquisition of the simulcast rights for Aria the Scarlet Ammo, set in a school where everyone gets firearms training. Aria, a new female student, comes in sporting some extra supernatural powers. Girls with guns show. The simulcast will begin on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. FUNimation also announced the upcoming release of […]

Anime Boston 2011-Day 1: Shovin' Off to Boston...(whoaohoh)

The calendar has turned and once again we arrive at another Anime Boston, now featuring the self-owned FUNimation, and the semi-revived ADVFilms in the form of Sentai Filmworks doing a panel and Section 23 Films in the dealer’s room.  So far this year the weather is gorgeous and the cosplayers are out in force, so […]

"The Story of Saiunkoku" Season One: The Neverending Story

Buried deep in the annals of ancient China is the kingdom of Saiunkoku, a land ravaged by years of war and civil unrest, hungering for a competent new king. Unfortunately, the next in line to the kingship is a spoiled teenager with no real sense of how to lead, and who is caught up in […]

Katsucon 2011: The Experience

Another year gone by since the last President’s Day weekend and we have once again come upon…Katsucon, the itinerant wanderer of anime conventions.  In the eleven times I have now been to this convention this is only the 4th time it has been in the same place it was at the year before.  That’s a […]

Katsukon 2011: FUNimation licenses "TO: Elliptical Orbit and Symbiotic Orbit"

FUNimation has announced the acquisition of “TO: Elliptical Orbit and Symbiotic Orbit”, a 2-part OVA series for a June 2011 release. See more information at www.funimation.com/tomovie. The information released to the press follows: Flower Mound, TX (February 19, 2010) – North American anime distributor FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it has licensed the home entertainment, […]

"Jing King of Bandits: Seventh Heaven": Maybe Not Totally Divine, But Still Fun

For those unfamiliar with Jing King of Bandit, it chronicles the adventures of Jing, a young boy on a quest to become the best thief in the world, and his magic talking crow named Kir who can shoot energy balls out of his mouth when attached to Jing’s arm. It’s more than vaguely similar to […]

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