Marvel, Sony, Hasbro and Take-Two sued over "Ghost Rider" movie

The Reuters news agency has reported that Gary Freidrich, one of the creators of the character Ghost Rider, has filed suit against Marvel, Sony, Hasbro and Take-Two Interactive over the production of the recent Ghost Rider live-action movie and subsequent merchandising. Friedrich is claiming that the movie was unauthorized by him and that he has […]

Gatchaman, Yatterman make their way to the big screen

Index Holdings, through their subsidiary Nikkatsu Corporation, has announced the green lighting of live action movies based on the Gatchaman and Yatterman properties for a spring 2009 release. Yatterman will be helmed by renowed director Miike “Beat” Takashi and will feature mechanical designs by Katsuya Terada. No production details were released about the Gatchaman feature. […]

"Ghost Rider" chain whips his way to a DVD player near you

The recent live-action adaptation of the Ghost Rider comics will be peeling silicon on DVD on June 12th, 2007. The film will be released in a standard one disc format for $28.95 and in an extended cut two disc version for $34.95. Both versions will include a “making of” featurette and 2 commentary tracks. The […]

Warner Brothers buys a new Arrow for their quiver

Green Arrow that is. Wizzard magazine is reporting that Warner Brothers has purchased a script from David Goyer(Batman Begins, Blade II) for a movie based on the Green Arrow franchise. The film features the title character locked up for life in a Super Max prison for super villians and super heroes who go bad after […]

"Metal Men" coming to a movie screen near you

DC Comics and Warner Brothers are working to bring Metal Men to the big screen. Warner Brothers has tapped Lauren Schuler Donner as producer, Geoff Johns and Executive Producer and Eric Champnella as writer. Mr. Champnella has previous writing Mr. 3000 and Say Uncle. Donner has previously worked on X-Men and Constantine. No release date […]

Vertical Announces New Manga Titles

Vertical has annoucned that they will be publishing several new titles on the fall of 2007 from Osamu Tezuka, Keiko Takemiya and Kaoru Kurimoto. October 2007 will see the release of MW(pronounced Mu) by Osamu Tezuka. Retailing for $24.95, MW presents the story of an unlikely union and forbidden love between an amoral banker and […]

Aurora Publishing to launch in June 2007

Aurora Publishing, the US division of Ohzora Publishing, will begin self-publication of it’s titles in June 2007. Ohzora is the largest publisher of shoujo manga in Japan. Previously its titles had been licensed to Dark Horse and Digital Manga publishing. Ohzora will use the Aurora name for its general market titles, which will retail for […]

Broccoli Licenses "Kon Kon Kokon"

Broccoli Books has announced the licensing, for a June 2007 publication, of Kon Kon Kokon, the newest series from Koge Donbo. The series will be available for purchase on June 13, 2007 for $9.95. Kon Kon Kokon chronicles the adventures and misadventures of Ren, a very nerdy teenager. Ren gets a chance to hang with […]

Batman gets the LEGO treatment

No, not some new form of torture thought up by The Joker. Warner Brothers Interactive has teamed up with TT Games, the production company behind the wildly successful Lego Star Wars games to produce LEGO Batman. The game is scheduled for release in 2008 and will feature LEGOized versions of Batman, Robin and quite a […]

1001 Marvel Nights

Marvel Entertainment has announced a patnership with The United Arab Emirates Al Ahli Group to construct a theme park in Dubai. Theme park professionals from Hollywood and Florida will be assisting in the aproximately 1 billion dollar project. The park is currently scheduled to open in 2011. [Source:www.icv2.com]

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