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Akimbo adds Geneon to their roster for VOD

by Weathermanon June 14, 2007
The Akimbo streaming video service has added several Geneon titles to their roster. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo has already beed added and they plan to add Last Exile and Lupin III soon. [source: ]

Tim Story to direct "The Losers"

by Weathermanon June 12, 2007
Tim Story, who just finished directing the second Fantastic Four movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, has been signed on as the director for the upcoming theatrical addaption of The Losers. The name of the comic is the same as the original run by DC Comics in the 1970’s, however the movie will […]

Supergirl heads to Smallville.

by Weathermanon June 12, 2007
TV Guide is reporting that the producers of Smallville have decided to add Supergirl aka Kara to the cast of the show. No actress has been chosen for the role yet. They are hoping to have someone cast by the time San Diego Comic Con begins. Supergirl will debut in the season opener and will […]

Update on Animated "Hellboy"

by Weathermanon June 12, 2007
ICv2 has been given an update on the proposal for an animated Hellboy show. As of now there are no plans for an animated Hellboy show. Starz Media was exploring the options of what to do with Hellboy in animated form, but they have no plans to produce an animated show themselves nor to they […]

Frank Miller hints at "Sin City" 3 movie

by Weathermanon June 11, 2007
In an MTV website interview Sin City scribe and artist Frank Miller hinted at the possible basis for a 3rd Sin City movie. The most likely source would be the most recent Sin City book, To Hell and Back. This is in spite of the delays in making Sin City 2, curently on hiatus until […]

Bandai Visual sets date for HD "Wings of Honneamise"

by Weathermanon June 8, 2007
Bandai Visual has announced a date for the High Definition release of Wings of Honneamise. The company currently plans to do both HD DVD ands Blu-Ray releases of the film. They also announced a plan to do an HD Release of Akira, but no date was set. [source:]

"City of Heroes" licensed for film and TV.

by Weathermanon June 8, 2007
Tom Desanto’s production company has licensed the film and television rights to the City of Heroes videogame series. Mr. Desanto is no stranger to the realm of comic-based and comic-style productions having worked as a producer on the upcoming live-action Transformers movie and the first two X-Men movies as well as serving as a writer/producer […]

Starz Media shops "Hellboy" animated series

by Weathermanon June 8, 2007
Starz Media, the producers of the two recent direct-to-DVD Hellboy movies will be shopping a prospective Hellboy animated series at the Licensing Show in New York City, June 19-21. No production partners, dates or networks have been announced or rumored so far. [source:]

Akimbo Video On Demand adds new anime.

by Weathermanon June 7, 2007
The Akimbo steaming video-on-demand service has added titles from AnimEigo, The Right Stuf, Bang!Zoom! Production’s video diarys and the World Events Productions Voltron series to it’s roster. This is in addition to the Central Park Media and ADV titles they were already offering. Presumably, this will not include any of the Enoki Films productions that […]

Stan Lee signs a deal with Disney

by Weathermanon June 6, 2007
Stan Lee, creator of much of the Marvel Universe, and his creative company POW! Entertainment have signed a deal with the Walt Disney Studios, a division of the Disney Company. No terms have been announced. Mr. Lee will be developing and producing all kinds of products for Walt Disney Studios. [source:…l?hpid=entnews]