Diamond Comic Distributors releases 2006 sales data

Diamond Comic Distributors, which includes Alliance and Diamond UK, has released its sales data for the 2006 operating year. This is the first time that Diamond has issued its sales data. The company recorded sales of over 350 million dollars to the 3,500 specialty and comic shops that it supplies and estimates that the shops […]

Bandai Ent. to release "Clamp School Detectives" on DVD

Bandai Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing Clamp School Detectives on DVD later this year.  The show was originally released to VHS in 1998 and has not been seen in the US since the tapes went out of print.  No date or price point has bene released yet.  This is apparently a new […]

Alan Fine takes on new role at Marvel

Alan Fine, currently the CEO for Marvel’s publishing and toy divisions, has taken on another role in the company as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Marvel Characters, Inc. Marvel Characters, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvel dedicated to supporting and strengthening the Marvel brand name. Mr. Fine will be continuing on in his previous […]

Teen Titans to save the day at a theatre near you

Warner Brothers Pictures has begun the process of bringing their Teen Titans property to the big screen in a live action adaptation. Mark Verheiden, writer/producer of the current Battlestar Galactica television series, has been tapped to be the screenwriter. Akiva Goldman and Kerry Foster are also onboard as executive producers. [source: http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/10671.html]

Sin City Delayed

Due to Frank Miller’s upcoming involvement with adapting Will Eisner’s The Spirit for the big screen as well as Robert Rodriguez’s already announced commitment to the Barbarella theatrical update, any work on Sin City 2 has been delayed. As reported by Rottentomatoes.com, Frank Miller has been quoted as saying that “Sin City 2 is still […]

Nickelodeon and Marriott team up for a new series of resorts

Nickelodeon and Marriott Resorts have signed a partnership agreement, along with Miller Global Properties LLC, to bring the Nickelodeon name to a new series of hotel resorts worldwide. The new resorts will open starting in early 2010 in San Diego California and will be spreading out to major family vacation destinations worldwide. The centerpiece of […]

UDON Entertainment launches new manhwa line in North America

UDON Entertainment has entered into a deal with Haksan, a Korean publisher, to publish and distribute manhwa, Korean comics, in the North American market. Publication of the line will begin in October 2007 with Star Project Chiro, telling the story of a young girl who rises to pop music fame after an encounter with another […]

Seven Seas puts a hold on "Nymphet"

Seven Seas Entertainment has canceled their planned printing of Nymphet for the US market. Citing content issues, the company has put all plans for the property on hold pending a further review. The content in question deals with a young female student’s romantic attraction to her male teacher in Japan. While not a wholly unusual […]

ReelTime.com Licenses Anime for Online Distribution (Updated)

www.Reeltime.com has announced that they have licensed the Enoki films library for online distribution. Enoki owns such titles as Kare Kano, El Hazard: The Wanderers and Revolutionary Girl Utena, among others. ReelTime’s deal currently only covers the United States of America and is only useable on the latest Windows platform through Internet Explorer or Firefox. […]

Anime News Network hosts an interview with Shinichi "Nabeshin" Wantanabe

Anime News Network has posted a video interview with director Shinichi “Nabeshin” Wantanabe taken at his recent event in Austin, Texas. Most noted for his work on Excel Saga, the director was in Austin at the original Alamo Cinema and Drafthouse location to promote his newest productions, Nerima Daikon Brothers and The Wallflower, in conjunction […]

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