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The Spectacular Spider-Man Trailer Online

by Stuon July 28, 2007
ENI has the trailer for the upcoming The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series online. The clip was originally presented at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. In other news from the show’s panel, producer Greg Weisman stated that he is using the original Stan Lee/Steve Ditko/John Romita. Sr stories as his main inspiration for the show. […]

Dan Slott Talks Fantastic Four, She Hulk... And Squirrels

by Stuon July 11, 2007
Dan Slott loves his She Hulk. Imagine his excitement when he was offered the chance to work on an episode of Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes featuring the single female lawyer herself! The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News managed to pull Dan away from the ridiculous amount of work he probably has to […]

Forging The Fantastic: Tom Tataranowicz Talks Fantastic Four

by Stuon June 27, 2007
Tom Tataranowicz served as the Supervising Producer for the second season of Marvel Action Hour’s Fantastic Four animated series. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News caught up with Tom in an email interview to talk about his work on the show, and how he went about turning one of the worst comic book […]

First 'Spectacular Spider-Man' Image Online

by Stuon June 20, 2007
A recent licensing convention displaying upcoming properties for various forms of media featured the first image shown from the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, set to debut on Kids WB! on The CW early next year. More from the show is expected to be shown at the San Diago Comic Con in the summer.

Spinning The Spectacular - Brandon Vietti Talks Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

by Stuon June 14, 2007
Having served on such series as The Batman, Starship Troopers, The Legion Of Superheroes and the upcomingSuperman: Doomsday, The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zones News caught up with Brandon Vietti in an e-mail interview to talk about his work on the 3D Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, which aired on MTV in 2003. TOON […]

Fantastic Four Returns June 9th

by Stuon May 15, 2007
Newsarama reports that Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes will be returning to Cartoon Network on June 9th at 8PM. It’s unknown if they will re run the episodes they’ve previously aired or will continue with new episodes. The above link also mentions that Taffy Entertainment has the green light another season of the show.

What A Tangled Web We Weave - Bob Richardson Talks Spider-Man

by Stuon May 4, 2007
Bob Richardson was the Supervising Producer of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. His job was to oversee every aspect of the show’s strenuous production from start to finish. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News caught up with Bob via e-mail to speak about his work on the show. Marvel Animation Age/Toon Zone News: How […]

Scripting The Sensational: Stan Berkowitz Talks Spider-Man: The Animated Series

by Stuon April 27, 2007
If you’re into your superhero cartoons, you’re probably all too aware of who Stan Berkowitz is. He was a writer for The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Justice League over the past decade, but he got his start on superhero animation with the 1990’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon […]

Making The Amazing: John Semper Talks Spider-Man: The Animated Series

by Stuon April 24, 2007
John Semper served as the series producer/story editor for Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which premiered in November, 1994. He was given the daunting task of adapting Spider-Man’s long comic book history onto the small screen and now speaks to The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News via e-mail about his work on the series. […]

First 'Wolverine And The X-Men' Image Online

by Stuon April 20, 2007 has the first image of the designs for the upcoming Wolverine And The X-Men show online. It can be seen by clicking on the link above.