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"Black Butler" Part Two: One Hell of an Ending

by Lelouchon March 24, 2011
Part One of Black Butler ended on a high note, with Ciel and Sebastian managing to save young Lady Elizabeth from a creepy doll maker. It had a level of action, suspense and intensity that you would expect from any exciting show, and revealed that the innocent Angela wasn’t quite who she seemed. Part Two, […]

Science Fiction – Connecting Gritty Live-Action and Animation Through Wall-E and Blade Runner: Part 2

by Lelouchon February 11, 2011
Part 1 | Part 2 The science fiction genre is notorious for giving robots human emotions. The genre runs with the idea that “is the ultimate promise of science for man to play God by creating life; it is the ultimate fear when that life is discovered to have no soul and thus no meaning” […]

Science Fiction – Connecting Gritty Live-Action and Animation Through Wall-E and Blade Runner: Part 1

by Lelouchon February 11, 2011
Part 1 | Part 2 Blade Runner is a dark, gritty science fiction film that “projects the nightmarish vision of the early twenty first century” (Bosnak 74). The city is dirty, overcrowded and chaotic due technology consuming society’s everyday lives. The film follows an ex-police officer Rick Deckard being forced out of retirement to hunt […]

"Pandora Hearts" Part 1: Shoulda Kept the Box Closed

by Lelouchon January 28, 2011
Pandora is an organization that deals with demons known as Chains making “illegal” contracts with humans. These contracts are a pact between the Chain and human, allowing the Chain to escape the dark dimension known as the Abyss in exchange for lending their power to the human. The problem is that (most) Chains aren’t to […]

"Durarara!!" Part One: Ra-ra-ra-radical!

by Lelouchon January 25, 2011
Durarara!! Part One easily got my attention right from the get go. It introduces a stable and interesting plot line that is fleshed out with a wide array of characters. The characters all range from calm to over the top, simple to calculating, and harmless to menacing. This assortment comes together to create conflicts and […]

"The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye": Two Legs Good, Three Eyes Bad

by Lelouchon January 10, 2011
There’s a lot of anime out there, so it’s easy for a show to get lost in the shuffle if it isn’t of stellar quality. If you’re going to make a series, then you want to bring your ‘A-game’ on all fronts: animation, music, plot, characters, etc. Unfortunately, The Third: The Girl with the Blue […]

"Oh! Edo Rocket" Part 2: Strong Launch, Horrible Landing

by Lelouchon January 6, 2011
Being unimpressed by part one of Oh! Edo Rocket, I was more than a little worried going into part two. At the very least, I hoped that this time around the humor would be turned down a few (several) notches and the plot would take the lead. Fortunately, this turns out to be the case […]

"Birdy the Mighty: Decode": Mighty Awesome

by Lelouchon January 3, 2011
I was first introduced to Birdy the Mighty: Decode during FUNimation’s preview at New York Comic Con. To be honest, the preview they showed looked pretty bad. It seemed like the typical hot-girl-fights-crime show that is really only about attracting fanboys through fanservice. I didn’t for a second think that I would get such a […]

"PERSONA -trinity soul-" Vol. 2: More Confusions, Less Contusions

by Lelouchon December 18, 2010
PERSONA -trinity soul- started out as an appealing story. In volume one, it spent most of its time grabbing the viewers attention by building up a plot surrounded in mystery. It worked due to the decent amount of action and fairly interesting characters involved. Despite the secondary characters remaining a positive in the show, the […]

"Toradora" Volume 2 Premium Edition: A Romantic Comedy Done Right

by Lelouchon December 10, 2010
Toradora Volume 2 fixes a lot of the problems I had with first thirteen episodes. After establishing its comedic roots with volume one, in the second volume the series takes a more serious path and really starts to dive into the characters and their feelings about one another. The comedy is still great, just slightly […]