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"[C]: Control- The Money and Soul of Possibility" Episodes 1-7: Worth Every Penny

by Lelouchon June 6, 2011
Kimimaro Yoga is a broke college student, working various jobs day and night in order to survive. He lives on his own and doesn’t really have any time for his friends. Despite this not-so-ideal life, Kimimaro isn’t the type to let money consume his life. Unfortunately for Kimimaro, he ends up not having much of […]

"Eden of the East: The King of Eden": Nobody Ever Said Ruling Was Easy

by Lelouchon June 3, 2011
When I first found out that Eden of the East would be finished in two movies, The King of Eden and Paradise Lost, I was a bit apprehensive. The series itself was so dense with material that it seemed as though two movies would never be enough to really flesh out all of the key […]

NIS America Announces Standard Edition Releases for Toradora! and Wagnaria!!

by Lelouchon May 21, 2011
NIS America has announced that they will be releasing standard editions of Toradora! Volumes 1 and 2 and Wagnaria!! complete series on July 5th, 2011. Toradora! Volumes 1 and 2 are priced at $44.99 SRP each while Wagnaria!! complete series is $49.99 SRP. Included with the standard edition releases will be a Story Guide leaflet […]

Anime Boston 2011: Press Panel with Voice Actress Brina Palencia Part 2

by Lelouchon May 2, 2011
This is the second part of a two part press panel with voice actress Brina Palencia. Don’t forget to check out part 1. QUESTION: Are you a video gamer yourself?   BRINA PALENCIA: I like indie games. I like very short puzzle games. I really like playing stuff on Kongregate and I’m not just saying […]

Anime Boston 2011: Press Panel with Voice Actress Brina Palencia Part 1

by Lelouchon May 2, 2011
During Anime Boston 2011 the Toonzone crew had the opportunity to sit down with voice actress Brina Palencia in a press panel. Brina Palencia is known for her roles as Natsuki in Summer Wars, Rei Ayanami in Evangelion, Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler and several other various roles. QUESTION: When did you first find yourself […]

Anime Boston 2011: Press Panel with Voice Actor Spike Spencer

by Lelouchon April 29, 2011
[Regular voice] You know, just crazy guy and it was a lot of fun to play that one. It was very, very subtle; you couldn’t go bouncing off the walls too much, which I am prone to do. I also enjoyed playing Arakune in BlazBlue. That was fun because it was a character that talks […]

Bandai Entertainment Licenses "Star Driver"

by Lelouchon April 23, 2011
Bandai Entertainment announced at Sakura-con and via Twitter that they have acquired Star Driver. Bandai Entertainment also mentioned that the Gundam 00 the Movie and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzuyima will be coming out on DVD and Blu-ray Summer 2011.

Anime Boston 2011: Sentai Filmworks Acquires "Senko no Night Raid"

by Lelouchon April 23, 2011
Sentai Filmworks announced during their Anime Boston industry panel the acquisition of Senko no Night Raid, due to be released in August on DVD and Blu-ray. The second collection of Maid-sama is also set to be released in August. The full press release follows: SENTAI FILMWORKS ANNOUNCES LICENSE of NIGHT RAID 1931 HOUSTON, April 23, […]

NIS America Announces "Katanagatari" and "Arakawa Under the Bridge"

by Lelouchon April 16, 2011
NIS America announced today the licensing of two brand new anime titles to be released this July: Katanagatari and Arakawa Under the Bridge. Both titles will receive Blu-ray/DVD combo releases with “premium edition” chipboard packaging and 11″ x 7″ artbooks. Volume 1 of Arakawa Under the Bridge will contain the first 13 TV-length episodes; volume […]

"Chrono Crusade" Complete Series: Nothing Unholy Here!

by Lelouchon April 4, 2011
As a general rule, I try to stick with a show for at least four or five episodes before deciding to drop it. My reasoning is that some shows take a few episodes to get rolling. Chrono Crusade is one show that needed such a rule. After being introduced to a seemingly obnoxious protagonist and […]