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Fate/Zero – “Night of Stratagems” – Episode 6 Recap

by Lelouchon November 9, 2011
Out on a late night reckless drive, Saber and Irisviel unexpectedly find themselves face to face with Caster. He kneels before Saber and claims she is Jeanne d’Arc, his “beautiful maiden” that he wished to see revived during the Holy Grail War. Saber tries to reason with him but quickly realizes he is insane and […]

NIS America Acquires Second Season of Arakawa Under the Bridge

by Lelouchon November 6, 2011
NIS America has announced that they have picked up Arakawa Under the Bridge’s second season Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge. This will be a ‘Premium Edition’ release packaged with all thirteen episodes on two DVDs and two Blu-ray discs with a hardcover art book. Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge will be released on […]

Guilty Crown – “flux” – Episode 4 Recap

by Lelouchon November 5, 2011
Betrayed by his “friend,” Shu finds himself in GHQ’s custody and at the mercy of Major Segai. He is alone and unsure of whom he should trust after learning that Gai has hatched a plan to free a supposed mass murderer by the name of Kenji Kido. Going against Gai’s orders for the first time, […]

"Young Justice" Season One Volume Two – Justice Rules

by Lelouchon November 4, 2011
Aquaboy gets his moment to shine in “Downtime,” which shows him in turmoil over whether he wishes to live on land or in Atlantis. While Aquaman is away on a Justice League mission, Atlantis is attacked by Black Manta in an attempt to retrieve a giant frozen starfish, and Aqualad must team up with Garth […]

Fate/Zero – “Scream of a Mad Beast” – Episode 5 Recap

by Lelouchon November 1, 2011
When Rider enters the battlefield, rather than fight he asks Lancer and Saber whether or not they’d be interested in forming an alliance with him and conquering the world. The two immediately shoot down his offer and question what kind of idiot would ask something so insulting. Rider of course means no harm; he just […]

Guilty Crown – “void-sampling” – Episode 3 Recap

by Lelouchon October 31, 2011
Having turned down Gai’s offer to join the Funeral Parlors (in my first recap I referred to them as the Undertakers, FUNi is using a different translation), Shu Ouma thought he had returned to his normal life. As he sits in class pondering whether or not he made the right decision, his professor states that […]

Fate/Zero – “The Demon Spear” – Episode 4 Recap

by Lelouchon October 26, 2011
The fourth episode of Fate/Zero, “The Demon Spear,” featured the first (real) fight of the Holy Grail War between Saber and Lancer. The past three episodes had a lot of setup regarding the rules of the game, the masters and servants involved and the dynamics of the relationships between them. This worked well in easing […]

Guilty Crown – “Survival of the Fittest” – Episode 2 Recap

by Lelouchon October 21, 2011
Episode 2 of Guilty Crown, “Survival of the Fittest,” starts off right where episode one left off. Activating the Void Genom, Shu pulls a giant sword out of Inori and saves her at the last second from an incoming Endlave (mecha) enemy. Another enemy approaches, but Shu manages to evade and defend himself with the […]

Fate/Zero – “The Land of Fuyuki” – Episode 3 Recap

by Lelouchon October 16, 2011
I mentioned in my last recap that I was hoping episode three of Fate/Zero would amp up the action and feature a fight between two or more servants. Unfortunately, “The Land of Fuyuki” continues the set-up trend that the previous two episodes had, and only teases a fight between Lancer and Saber at the very […]

Young Justice – “Revelation” – Episode 14 Recap

by Lelouchon October 14, 2011
When cities throughout the world are attacked by giant plant creatures, the team is eager to join the Justice League in their fight to take them down. Batman however has different plans for the team, sending them to take out the source of the plants – the Injustice League. With the Injustice League consisting of […]