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Otakon2010: Day 1 – Adventure!

by Lelouchon July 31, 2010
Going into this con there were a few things I thought to expect. I expected things to be crazy, I expected crazy costumes, and I expected rabid fans. Those expectations? Completely blown out of the water. Otakon truly is one of those events that you kind of have to be at to realize how extreme, […]

Otakon2010: FUNimation Licenses "Summer Wars," "Evangelion 2.22," & More

by Lelouchon July 30, 2010
FUNimation announced their licensing of Evangelion 2.22 and Summer Wars, both of which are slated for a theatrical release. FUNimation also announced that they have licensed Blessing of the Campanella, and Okamisan. In addition to those titles FUNimation has also picked up Strike Witches season 2, Hetalia seasons 3 and 4, and Hetalia the Movie.

The Future of Anime on Adult Swim: What Needs to be Done?

by Lelouchon May 20, 2010
For quite some time it has been rather obvious that Adult Swim seems to be losing its faith in anime. In their defense, the anime block on Saturdays hasn’t done incredibly well the past few years, and so it’d be reasonable for them to slowly phase anime out altogether. With the announcement of three new […]

Huge Pokémon Announcement: Piplup to be the new mascot!

by Lelouchon March 27, 2010
After five regions and nearly 700 episodes, today it was finally announced by Nintendo and creator Satoshi Tajiri that Ash and Pikachu would be hanging in the towel for the fifth generation of Pokémon. In their place, Dawn and Piplup will be taking the role of mascot for the Pokémon franchise. Though Tajiri claimed it […]

Gundam Week: Starter Kit and Acknowledgments

by Lelouchon March 18, 2010
In any large franchise it isn’t surprising that potential viewers tend to find themselves a bit confused on where to start. The Gundam universe can be very confusing considering the different movies and series currently out. Each series/movie offers a new cast, new mobile suits and even new time periods, so it is important to […]

Gundam Week: Top 5 Gundam Series

by Lelouchon March 14, 2010
As mentioned before, Gundam has been around for quite some time. It has managed to produce several different series with different styles, characters, and of course mobile suits. Some left the viewers wanting more, whether it be due to a weak plot, characters you couldn’t care for, or simply because the action wasn’t entertaining. Others, […]

Gundam Week: Top 5 Best Character Arcs – Top 5 Worst Character Arcs

by Lelouchon March 14, 2010
In any series viewers tend to look forward to watching a character grow and show development through the course of the show. Gundam is no exception, and this is of course an incredibly important part to the franchise. With so many different characters fighting for different things, it is important that we look at who […]

Gundam Week: Top 5 Rivalries

by Lelouchon March 14, 2010
A staple throughout the Gundam universe is none other than a rivalry between two, or perhaps even more, pilots. This only makes sense as it would be rather boring and senseless for one Gundam to come along and complete destroy all of the enemies quickly. These rivalries offer some great action as well as drama, […]

Introduction to Gundam Week: Top 5 Mobile Suits – Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits

by Lelouchon March 14, 2010
With the 30th anniversary of Gundam just recently passing, it is only appropriate that we at toonzone decided to take a moment to celebrate the astonishing mark Gundam has made within the animation universe. I’m not entirely sure anyone expected a show about giant robots to continually find new ideas to explore with said machines. […]

Miyazaki Week: The End of Studio Ghibli

by Lelouchon February 23, 2010
For quite some time, Studio Ghibli has been known for its great animated movies. The movies they make are not only beautifully animated, but contain great storylines that fully engage the viewer. However, I believe that this trend may come to a swift end once Hayao Miyazaki is done making films for the studio, and […]