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Spring 2014 Anime Impressions: “Captain Earth”

by Lelouchon May 5, 2014
I have to admit, to having a love/hate relationship with Studio BONES. On one hand, they never disappoint in the technical aspects of a series. On the other, sometimes the stories they tell lack proper development and conclusion (I’m looking at you, Star Driver ).  Despite this I’m always excited when BONES announces a new […]

Spring 2014 Anime Impressions: “The World is Still Beautiful”

by Lelouchon May 5, 2014
I checked out The World is Still Beautiful on a whim, knowing nothing about its premise or characters.  I saw a poster and liked the design of the main character, and from there decided to watch when Crunchyroll picked the series up for a simulcast. The first episode came and I saw that the plot […]

"The Legend of Korra" Series Premiere- The Legend Continues to Impress

by Lelouchon April 13, 2012
After a four year wait, Avatar is back with The Legend of Korra. Luckily for it, the show already has a substantial fan base and is a highly anticipated release. With all this anticipation comes a lot of expectations that may or may not be met. Fortunately the two-chapter premiere of The Legend of Korra […]

PR: Daily Lives of High School Boys Acquired by NIS America for a North American Retail Release

by Lelouchon January 25, 2012
Santa Ana, CA (January 24, 2012) – NIS America is proud to announce the acquisition of Daily Lives of High School Boys (working title; Japanese title: Danshi Kokosei no Nichijo), a slice-of-life comedy detailing, literally, the daily lives of high school boys, for a North American retail release. The title was originally created by Yasunobu […]

"Chaos;Head" Complete Series: Enduring Chaos Is a Pain

by Lelouchon January 13, 2012
For the most part Madhouse animation studio has been very hit-and-miss for me. Some of their shows have been wonderfully entertaining and thought-provoking; others have been dull and aggravating. Chaos;Head falls into the latter category, with an obnoxious protagonist headlining a bland, pseudo-intellectual story. The supporting cast is superficial, and the villain is poorly developed. […]

Guilty Crown – “resonance (Sympathetic Vibration)” – Episode 11 Recap

by Lelouchon December 29, 2011
With the apocalypse virus spreading and the Anti Bodies division performing a coup of sorts, the GHQ supreme commander and his forces (Dan included) are wiped out. With GHQ and Funeral Parlor out of their way Chief Keido and Major Segai use the rock to begin a process to “cross the river of lamentation to […]

Fate/Zero – “The Forbidden Banquet of Insanity” – Episode 13 Recap

by Lelouchon December 28, 2011
Ryunosuke and Caster return to their hideout and find it in ruin thanks to Rider. Ryunosuke immediately breaks down and begins to cry, asking who would ruin his and Caster’s “artwork.” This leads to a conversation between the two about God’s existence, with Ryunosuke stating that God must exist and that he loves humans. He […]

Fate/Zero – “The Grail’s Invitation” – Episode 12 Recap

by Lelouchon December 20, 2011
After discovering Rider’s noble phantasm, Tohsaka decides it is time for Archer to make his move against the other servants. Kiritsugu also analyzes the different masters and servants and how he should approach eliminating them. Since the castle is now compromised, he has Maiya move Irisviel and Saber to a new base. Meanwhile, Kirei and Archer […]

Guilty Crown – “retraction (Degeneration)” – Episode 10 Recap

by Lelouchon December 18, 2011
After ending Jun’s life, Shu has been shaken up to the point where he can no longer function in life. He fails to finish a mission with Funeral Parlor, stops going to school and isolates himself from society. Hare attempts to work with him, but this results in Shu freaking out. Shu is later approached […]

"Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor": Twins Pique

by Lelouchon December 14, 2011
The beauty of Darker than Black season one is that it was able to craft an excellent story by utilizing episodic plots that eventually connected to an overarching plot at the end. These plotlines explored a variety of contractors and their abilities, as well as developing Hei and his team. It’s one of the few […]