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Japan Plans on Turning Animation Into a Mass-Market Industry

by Javeon May 4, 2005
Japan has started to establish schools in universities in order to tie up aspiring animators with knowledge in business so they can finance and market their own work. One of the schools that started this was Tokyo University, which established a department of digital contents creation which featured famous animators as instructors, including Mamoru Oshii, […]

The Complete Peanuts 1955-1956 Now Available

by Javeon May 3, 2005
The third volume of the Peanuts comic strips collection released by Fantagraphics is now available for ordering. Highlights of this volume include many strips that have never been reprinted since their original publishing during the 1955-1956 period, as well as an introduction by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. More details and ordering info at the Official […]

SpongeBob Starts Fourth Season This Friday

by Javeon May 2, 2005
After many months of reruns, Nickelodeon’s cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants returns with new episodes starting May 6 at 8:00pm (ET). This new season will consist of 20 half-hour episodes, as reported by Yahoo! News.

"Loonatics" to be Retooled After Online Petition

by Javeon April 27, 2005
The Internet petition started by 11-year-old Thomas Adams paid back. The thousands of signatures convinced Kids WB to rework on the designs of the characters of their upcoming series Loonatics, which was supposed to feature updated versions of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and other Looney Tunes characters fighting crime in a futuristic setup. Scott Rowe, […]