Dragonball GT Season 1-2: Of Sins and Farewells

Son Goku’s feelin’ pretty spry for fifty-two. ‘Course he was just turned back into a boy. After a chance encounter with an old foe, Son is left with but one year to retrieve the ‘Black Star Dragonballs’ that have turned him back into a kid. However, this time they aren’t spread across one world, they’re […]

Well Go USA to release Digimon Data Squad in North America

Toei Animation has signed Well Go USA to release Digimon Data Squad on DVD in box set format during the Spring of 2009 in both the United States and Canada. The initial box shall continue the first thirteen episodes of the series. Further details have not be released. Source: Cynopsis.

"Dragonball Z: Cooler Double Feature": Fine Fights, Dubious Dubs

In Cooler’s Revenge, which is set sometime after Freeza’s defeat, that galactic warlord’s older brother, Cooler, learns of his ‘pathetic’ brother’s death and decides to defend the family name by coming to Earth to kill Son Goku. When Son Goku is injured while protecting his son, Son Gohan, the young boy finds himself in a […]

"Darker Than Black": A Pale But Entertaining Copy of Stuff We've Seen Before

Darker Than Black is set in a time ten years after an object dubbed the “Hell’s Gate” appears in Tokyo. This object, mysteriously, has the effect of replacing the sky’s usual constellations with a new set of stars, each of which corresponds to a “Contractor”—a human being who is granted paranormal abilities by the Gate. […]

"Claymore Chapter 1": Blood and Iron

Claymore Chapter 1: The Burden of the Blade contains the first five episodes of this action-packed tale of friendship and sisterly love for one’s companions. Claymores are females who have taken the flesh and blood of a Yôma into their bodies and thus become half-human and half-Yôma. Working for an as-yet untitled organization, these silver-eyed […]

JUMPLAND to Stream Newest JUMP Specials

Beginning November 24th, JUMPLAND will begin streaming the three animated specials based upon popular comic properties Dragonball, One Piece, and Tegami Bachi. A special browser must be downloaded to view the specials. These specials were made in celebration of Weekly Shônen JUMP’s 40th year of publication. The announcement was originally made in this year’s 49th […]

"Underfist" Is for the Underaged

Underfist is the tale of a young nerd named Irwin who, after being abandoned by his friends on Halloween night, must stop an evil army of candy from destroying the world, all the while coming to terms with his monster heritage. With a ragtag team of freaks and freakier freaks, Irwin faces the forces of […]

"The Secret Saturdays": An Uncertain Finding

The Secret Saturdays, Cartoon Network’s newest action series, is about the adventures of the Saturdays —yes, the show is named after its protagonists—who are a family of cryptozoologists: the people who study legendary animals called cryptids. Like Indiana Jones, the family are also adventurers who often find themselves in sticky situations. When V. V. Argost […]

"Clone Wars": Not a Bad Copy

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is probably Cartoon Network’s most hyped series in quite some time. Toon Zone reviewed the feature film this past August, but while Maxie Zeus was largely iffy on the movie, I see no reason to be lightsaber blue over this Friday’s one-hour premiere. In ‘Rising Malevolence’ the Separatists have developed […]

Bang Zoom! Entertainment to Hold Voice Over Workshop in NYC in September

Bang Zoom! Entertainment has announced a one-day voice acting class to be held September 28, 2008, at John Marshall Sound in Manhattan NY from 10:00am-6:00pm. The class is $350US. Details and registration are available at Bang Zoom!’s Adventures in Voice Acting website. [Source: Anime News Network]

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