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Decode Entertainment License "Naughty Naughty Pets" To Japan

by Grant Whiteon May 30, 2007
Decode Entertainment have licensed their series Naughty Naughty Pets to Japan’s NHK public broadcaster. The show will air as part of the channel’s Saturday morning schedule. [Source:C21Media]

Nerd Corps License "Storm Hawks" For Global Release

by Grant Whiteon May 29, 2007
Canadian studio Nerd Corps has licensed their action comedy series Storm Hawks with several partners across the globe. BRB has gained rights for the property in Spain and Portugal, with airings also to follow in the US, UK, France and Germany. [Source:C21Media]

Lucasfilm Reveal Trailer For "Star Wars: Clone Wars"

by Grant Whiteon May 27, 2007 is hosting a one minute and fifty seconds long trailer for the forthcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars CGI television series.

4Kids On Demand With Cox/Bresnan

by Grant Whiteon May 23, 2007
US cable providers Cox Communications and Bresnan Communications have added 4Kids to their On Demand services, C21Media reports. Series on offer through the service include Sonic X and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Bandai Announces Planned Territories For "SD Gundam Sangokuden"

by Grant Whiteon May 18, 2007
Bandai have announced a group of global territories in which they plan to market forthcoming SD Gundam Sangokuden: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Hobby Shop Midori reports. Along with the central market of Japan, territories include Korea, Canada, America and Australia. The series will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the long running BB Senshi model […]

Russia Signs On For "Iron Kid"

by Grant Whiteon May 14, 2007
Russia’s C1RW group has picked up Iron Kid, C21Media reports. The series, currently airing across the globe and produced by BRB Internacional, will air on digital pay channel TV Nanny Kid’s.

ADV and Propeller Team Up For New UK Anime Block

by Grant Whiteon May 14, 2007
ADV Films will produce a two-hour anime block for UK network Propeller TV, C21Media reports. Series to be aired include Neon Genesis Evangelion and Elfen Lied. The block will begin airing Sunday 3rd June at a weekly 20:00-22:00 hours slot.

"Dynasty Warriors: Gundam" Announced For US Release

by Grant Whiteon May 10, 2007
Fighting game Gundam Musou will be released in the US as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, IGN reports. The game, a Gundam themed extension of the popular Dynasty Warriors series, features an original story and will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. [Source:IGN via Gunota Headlines]

Taffy And Hola Entertainment Team Up For Latin America Distribution

by Grant Whiteon May 9, 2007
Taffy Entertainment have signed a distribution deal with Hola Entertainment, C21Media reports. Shows under this deal include Fantastic Four and Code Lyoko.

Amberwood Plan Web Experience For "RollBots"

by Grant Whiteon April 17, 2007
Canada’s Amberwood Entertainment are teaming up with Toronto based interactive producer Xenophile Media to produce interactive websites for new series RollBots, C21Media reports. The series, an action comedy about spherical robots, will air on YTV.