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HobbyLink Japan To Take November Hiatus

by Grant Whiteon November 8, 2007
HobbyLink Japan, popular seller of Japanese anime model kits and collectables to the international market, is set to take a hiatus in November 2007. Company president Scott Hards states that the break is due to moving the entire company to a new specially built warehouse facility. The hiatus is estimated to last from 9th-19th.

"Garfield Gets Real" Trailers Now Available

by Grant Whiteon October 26, 2007
The official site for direct to video film Garfield Gets Real has added two trailers for the upcoming production. The CGI animated film sees Garfield grow tired of his comic book life and escape to the real world. Frank Welker will voice the famous orange cat.

Shaun The Sheep Gears Up For Christmas Single

by Grant Whiteon October 19, 2007
Shaun The Sheep will release a UK Christmas single, Aardman’s official site announces. The song will also be promoted with a fully animated video.

Geneon US To Cease Trading By End Of Week

by Grant Whiteon September 26, 2007
Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc have announced they are to cease trading as of 5pm this Friday. The annoucement, revealed in a letter to retailers, comes soon after the announcement of a failed distribution deal between the company and ADV. The letter states that only orders for inventory items or new releases up to a release […]

"Shaun The Sheep": Pure Baa-rilliance!

by Grant Whiteon September 24, 2007
Wallace and Gromit are undoubtedly stars of modern animation. With four films, graphic novels and a range of related apparel, it’s surprising that a spin off hasn’t appeared sooner. One finally landed in early 2007, giving a starring role to the woolly wonder Shaun of “A Close Shave” fame. Shaun The Sheep is a series […]

Gunota Headlines Previews "Gundam 00"

by Grant Whiteon September 23, 2007
Gunota Headlines have posted a brief spoiler synopsis of the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, based on one of the recent advance screenings. The show is set to begin airing in Japan on 6th October.

Bandai Visual Announces Release Date For "MS IGLOO"

by Grant Whiteon September 21, 2007
Bandai Visual US have announced the intended DVD release date for Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO- The Hidden One Year War. Computer animated, the mini-series focuses on a Zeon team testing prototype mobile weapons in the timeframe of the original series. Set for release on 27th November 2007 and priced $49.99, the DVD will contain […]

Emmanuele Petry Joins Millimages

by Grant Whiteon September 20, 2007
Former senior Europe VP for Nelvana Studios Emmanuele Petry has joined France’s Millimages as director of development and international coproductions. Petry, a veteran of 15 years experience, will oversee the development of new coproduction partnerships. Her first project will be a children’s book adaptation, aimed at five to eight year olds. [Source: C21Media]

Cake Distribution Serves Up 'King Arthur's Disasters' Globally

by Grant Whiteon September 19, 2007
Cake Distribution has negotiated deals to air King Arthur’s Disasters in Canada and Australia. The comedy series, focussing Arthur and Merlin’s quests to please Princess Guinevere, will air on BBC Kids in Canada and Nickelodeon in Australia. The show currently airs in a number of countries including the UK, Italy and Latin America. [Source: C21Media]

Sunrise Shapes Up For New "SD Gundam" Boxset

by Grant Whiteon July 25, 2007
Sunrise have announced the releases of a 4-disc DVD set, collecting most if not all of the various SD Gundam animations. The set, currently set for 23rd November, will also come with extras such as interviews with SD Gundam creative staff and a special video looking at the past, present and future direction of the […]