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'Erky Perky' Licensed In Global Territories

by Grant Whiteon May 13, 2008
3D animated children series Erky Perky has been licensed for several global territories. The series, produced by CCI Entertainment/ Ambience Entertainment, has licensed the series to networks including Sopresa in America, TV2 in Denmark, HBO in Asia and SRC in Canada. Plans for further territories are underway. [Source: C21Media]

Fox to "Inkubate" Toon Shorts in New Pilot Program

by Grant Whiteon May 12, 2008
Fox has launched a new initiative to seed its schedule with possible new animated series, The Hollywood Reporter says. The network and corporate sibling Twentieth Century Fox TV have launched Fox Inkubation, a division that will fund two-minute films by aspiring animation writer/producers instead of ordering scripts from them. Successful shorts may be developed as […]

"Shaun The Sheep--Saturday Night Shaun": These Are The Cartoon Heroes

by Grant Whiteon April 15, 2008
Wallace & Gromit’s wooly chum now has a third DVD collection out. Returning with a further eight episodes of claymation slapstick, Shaun, Bitzer and all their friends prove that them there country folk know how to have a good time. The focus is still on voiceless comedy escapes, hanging on a seven-minute premise. As with […]

Bandai Announces Price Increase For Gundam Kits

by Grant Whiteon February 27, 2008
Bandai is set to raise the price of merchandise in their popular Gundam model kit line, Gunota Headlines reports. The move, expected to increase prices by 10-20%, is stated to be due to the rise in the price of oil used in the plastic the kits are produced from.

Brown Bag appoints executive for Canada

by Grant Whiteon January 24, 2008
Ireland-based Brown Bag Films have appointed Alan Gregg as VP of international production for its new Toronto office. Gregg previously worked for Alliance Atlantis, producing shows such as Lunar Jim, Ace Lightning and Dragon Booster. [Source:C21Media]

"Shaun The Sheep- Off The Baa": Wooly Wonder Continues Winning Streak

by Grant Whiteon December 31, 2007
Shaun the Sheep returns with more claymation episodes full of comedic wit in a second DVD, Off the Baa. Like the first DVD release, Shape Up With Shaun, it presents eight episodes with a total running time of a little over an hour. The quality of the selections varies: whilst none are terrible or skippable, […]

'Gundam 00' model kit sales higher than those of 'SEED Destiny'

by Grant Whiteon December 22, 2007
Gunota Headlines have posted a round up of recent Mobile Suit Gundam 00 collectable news. Included is mention that the series’ model kits have sales up 120% compared to predecessor Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. The round up also includes spoilers for upcoming events in the series, gained from merchandising announcements.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise" That's Just Prime

by Grant Whiteon December 20, 2007
Transformers, more than meets the eye. Transformers, robots in disguise. Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. A set of timeless lyrics that tells you perhaps all you need to know about the Transformers concept. However, as this franchise (now over twenty years old) has grown, keeping things simple perhaps […]

Japan To Air Gundam Science Special

by Grant Whiteon November 29, 2007
Japanese station BS 11 will air a special two-hour programme Keishou! The World Of Mobile Suit Gundam: Road To The Universal Century. The programme, airing December 1st, will analyse how much closer the current world is to the fictional world seen in the original Gundam timeline. Topics covered will include space exploration, robotics and weaponary. […]

HobbyLink Japan To Take November Hiatus

by Grant Whiteon November 8, 2007
HobbyLink Japan, popular seller of Japanese anime model kits and collectables to the international market, is set to take a hiatus in November 2007. Company president Scott Hards states that the break is due to moving the entire company to a new specially built warehouse facility. The hiatus is estimated to last from 9th-19th.