"Gundam SEED Destiny TV Movie I"- Shattered World, Shattered Expectations?

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is probably one of the most controversial anime series of the last few years. A sequel to the popular Gundam SEED, the series was plagued by a variety of behind the scenes dramas that led to its being used as a prime example of what happens when a series with […]

Gunota Headlines Shuts Down

Gunota Headlines, the fan maintained Gundam information blog, announced today that it is closing down. Over the last few years the site has been a top source of news for all things Gundam, helping English speaking fans stay in the loop. Beyond that, the site has even be translated into further languages such as French […]

"SD Gundam Force- All New Adventures": A Long Awaited Voyage

Early in this DVD set, a Zako comments that they’re finally back after a very long time. That humble little Zako has no idea how right he is. About two years ago, I looked back at the first season of SD Gundam Force and sadly lamented the fact that a release of the second looked […]

Latin America Discovery Kids Licenses 'Will and Dewitt'

The Latin America Discovery Kids has licensed Cookie Jar Entertainment’s preschool show Will and Dewitt, C21Media reports. Cookie Jar sales executive Kirsten Hurd hopes this will form a continuing relationship between themselves and Discovery Kids.

Bandai Entertainment Announces July Solicitations

Bandai Entertainment have announced their forthcoming titles for July 2008. The second volume of Lucky Star will be released on 1st July, available in both standard and limited editions ($29.99/49.99). Also available on 15th July will be a Complete Collection of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ($59.98). Gurren Lagann SE 01 with OP CD – […]

BKN Sign Deal With Speed Racer Enterprises

BKN! International has signed a deal for the L&M rights to Speed Racer Classic and Speed Racer- The Next Generation in several key territories. The deal signed with Speed Racer Enterprises grants rights for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Middle East. [Source: C21Media]

'Erky Perky' Licensed In Global Territories

3D animated children series Erky Perky has been licensed for several global territories. The series, produced by CCI Entertainment/ Ambience Entertainment, has licensed the series to networks including Sopresa in America, TV2 in Denmark, HBO in Asia and SRC in Canada. Plans for further territories are underway. [Source: C21Media]

Fox to "Inkubate" Toon Shorts in New Pilot Program

Fox has launched a new initiative to seed its schedule with possible new animated series, The Hollywood Reporter says. The network and corporate sibling Twentieth Century Fox TV have launched Fox Inkubation, a division that will fund two-minute films by aspiring animation writer/producers instead of ordering scripts from them. Successful shorts may be developed as […]

"Shaun The Sheep--Saturday Night Shaun": These Are The Cartoon Heroes

Wallace & Gromit’s wooly chum now has a third DVD collection out. Returning with a further eight episodes of claymation slapstick, Shaun, Bitzer and all their friends prove that them there country folk know how to have a good time. The focus is still on voiceless comedy escapes, hanging on a seven-minute premise. As with […]

Bandai Announces Price Increase For Gundam Kits

Bandai is set to raise the price of merchandise in their popular Gundam model kit line, Gunota Headlines reports. The move, expected to increase prices by 10-20%, is stated to be due to the rise in the price of oil used in the plastic the kits are produced from.

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