"Gigantor:The Collection Volume 1" Bigger Than Big, Duller Than Dull

In 1956, Mitsuteru Yokoyama created the giant robot Iron Man #28, and a legend was born. Yokoyama’s work would mark the start of the “giant robot” genre, which has since continued to evolve and advance. But how does this series, the progenitor of all that followed, stand up? More specifically, is there anything to recommend […]

Press Release: Beez Entertainment at London Expo

PRESS RELEASE: BEEZ ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRATES WITH FANS AT LONDON EXPO IN MAY! Beez Entertainment is proud to celebrate our upcoming shift to a new release model of 3 part releases for series instead of individual DVDs with fans at London Expo in May. For a limited time only we will be clearing out as much […]

"Gundam Unicorn" To See Global Release

The forthcoming Gundam Unicorn animated adaptation will receive a simultaneous worldwide release, expected to be tied into an earlier announcement of multi-language online releases of past Gundam works. The specifics of the animated Unicorn project are currently uncertain. [Source: Anime News Network]

'Gundam Unicorn' Movie Announced

The June issue of Gundam Ace magazine (due for release 25th April) breaks the news that an animated movie adaptation of the magazine’s Gundam Unicorn novel series will be released later this year, Ngee Khiong reports. Set in between the previous animated theatrical works Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam F91, the […]

"Wallace & Gromit- A Matter Of Loaf And Death"- Worth The Dough

“A Matter Of Loaf And Death” sees Aardman’s most famous duo (sorry, Morph and Chas) in their first adventure since the big screen outing Curse Of The Were-Rabbit. While this new tale shows some of the lessons learned from that film, it’s a fittingly more quiet affair. As has become the norm since “A Close […]

Fate Of Japanese Animation Industry In Doubt

The Japan Times Online today presents an article discussing concerns over the supposed decline of the Japanese animation industry. Key concerns include the disillusionment of animation graduates and the global financial recession.

"SpongeBob Vs The Big One": Lazy Day Beach Antics

Like most adults who enjoy animation, I appreciate it as a versatile medium limited only by the ideas of the people who work in it, and believe that it’s perfectly possible to make a story with dark and mature themes. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost sight of the simpler fun you can have with […]

"Shaun the Sheep": You Ain't Seen Mutton Yet!

In late 2008, Aardman completed what is advertised as the ‘First Series’ of their popular Shaun the Sheep with the release of Abracadabra and Washday. Along with the previous three volumes, this pair are available in a complete box set, but I’ll be taking a look at the single releases. It’s been a while since […]

Tony Hart Passes On at 83

Tony Hart, the artist famous for a series of a UK television series which encouraged children to draw and create, has died at the age of 83. He passed away peacefully on Sunday morning. Hart was a well known staple of UK nostalgia culture. His television series such as Vision On, Take Hart (which introduced […]

"The Clone Wars" Gets a Strong Start in Premiere

It was about a decade ago that I became a Star Wars fan. Ironically, it was because of the widely loathed Special Editions. I got pretty into it, eagerly savouring new information and merchandise. However, by the time of 2002’s Attack of the Clones, I was pretty burned out. Star Wars movies are brilliant fun […]

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