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toonzone goes to MCM Expo May 2011: The Cat Came Back

by Grant Whiteon June 1, 2011
Back in October last year, I made my first convention pilgrimage to MCM Expo London. Fun was had and I concluded my thoughts by saying I was keen to go again. Luckily for me, the event is held twice a year.               In general, things were setup much the same […]

'2000 AD' and 'The Thrill Electric' To Appear At MCM London

by Grant Whiteon April 20, 2011
The MCM Expo group has announced two further special guests appearing at their London Expo set for this May. 2000 AD, the long running British sci-fi comic which is home to Judge Dredd amongst others, will mark its first attendance at the event. The title will have a booth selling discounted merchandise in addition to […]

"Axis Powers Hetalia Season 2 (UK Edition)" Loses a Little Something In Translation

by Grant Whiteon April 11, 2011
Axis Powers Hetalia has a fairly novel concept. Every country in the world has a human avatar, a personification of its national identity, and their interactions mirror those of the countries themselves. The story primarily focuses on the World War II era. Germany is crumbling under the pressure, helped only a little by his well-meaning […]

"Bamboo Blade Part 2" (UK Version): Join Our Club!

by Grant Whiteon April 7, 2011
Bamboo Blade focuses on a Japanese high school kendo team whose teacher, a former kendo competitor himself, is forced to form it as part of a bet. Finding interest generally lacking from male students (bar two), he’s able to cultivate a five-person girls’ team instead. The star of the team is the diminutive and quiet […]

"Vampire Knight Volumes 3 & 4 (UK Edition)": Blood Thinner

by Grant Whiteon April 7, 2011
There’s no denying that the last few years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of vampires. But though once restricted to the horror genre, today they range farther afield, and thanks to such works as the much-criticised Twilight series have even become the focus of interspecies romance stories. There’s no denying that the basic […]

"Gundam 00 Season 2- Part 2": Well Excuse Me, Sexless Man-Woman

by Grant Whiteon April 1, 2011
As if a strong run of episodes wasn’t enough, the first volume of Gundam 00 season two offered quite an intriguing cliffhanger: an individual with an face identical to Tieria’s. It was a juicy plot hook that the season’s second volume wastes absolutely no time getting into. The stranger introduces himself … herself … itself […]

"Summer Wars (UK Edition)": A Love Machine

by Grant Whiteon March 7, 2011
I remember seeing the initial publicity for Summer Wars some years ago. It looked kind of interesting, but most of the trailers left me fairly bewildered as to what was going on. So when the chance came to get some answers, I eagerly jumped in. The film is set in what is essentially the not […]

Comic Book Heroes & Writers Lead The Way At MCM Expo London

by Grant Whiteon February 23, 2011
A gathering of comic book talent both real and fictional will be involved with the next MCM Expo, due to be held 27-29th May in London. DC’s live action Green Lantern movie will serve as the event sponsor whilst the writers of X-Men: First Class and Thor, Ashley Miller and Jack Stentz, will be panel […]

"Blade of the Immortal Volume 3 (UK Edition)": Cutting To The Chase

by Grant Whiteon February 9, 2011
Blade of the Immortal is set in Japan’s distant past, when the way of the sword ruled. The one-eyed, scarred swordsman Manji carries a troubled past and in turn a curse for it. Made immortal by secret medical techniques, Manji can only be free of his condition upon killing 1000 evil doers to atone for […]

"Naruto Shippuden Volume 4 (UK Release)": Less Stealth Equals More Enjoyment

by Grant Whiteon January 14, 2011
For those coming in late: Naruto is a hit Japanese comic series that quickly received an animated adaptation and then spread to international success. The series is set in an alternate world where special ninja villages provide the armed forces for their respective nations. In the peaceful Hidden Leaf village, 12-year-old orphan Naruto Uzumaki dreams […]