"Gundam Unicorn" Blu-ray Now Available In The UK

Beez Entertainment have unveiled the UK version of their online store, previously offered on their main French language site. The store currently carries a single release, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Volume 1. The title is being released online due to lacking BBFC classification. It is currently unknown if other titles released by Beez will also […]

"Gundam 00 Novel 1: Celestial Being": Setsuna's Good Book

During the anime boom of the past decade, various related materials also made the leap to Western markets. It hasn’t been uncommon to see manga, computer games and toys imported for the ride, but surprisingly less common was the vast number of tie-in novels. Many Japanese series either start out as such or are certain […]

"Gundam 00 Second Season- Part One": Don't Call It a Comeback

When Gundam 00 hit its midway finale, I have to admit, I was a bit lost as to where the second half would go. Okay, the Aeolia Plan had seemingly been ruined and heroes scattered to the winds, but the world had also seemingly united as one and was making moves toward eradicating war. Really, […]

Japanese Plastic Resources At Critical Low, Blames Hobby Industry

Japan is running dangerously low on plastic resources and the blame is being pointed at the country’s well known hobby industry. Companies such as Bandai, Takaratomy and SEGA are being blamed for the crisis which has left the country with no available plastic for more common household items such as cups and chairs. Environmental officers […]

Wallace & Gromit To Star In R-Rated 'Gangsta' Movie

Aardman Animation has announced a new entry in their popular Wallace & Gromit franchise, ‘N’ Da Hood’. The film is the first co-production between Aardman and new American business partner Iris Slate. In a controversial move, the new film will push the duo further than ever before. After one of Wallace’s inventions is stolen by […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise Streamed Online For Free

Sunrise Inc have begun to stream numerous series from the popular Mobile Suit Gundam online. The streams, provided for free in partnership with YouTube, Crunchyroll and Anime News Network, enable viewers in English speaking countries including America and England to watch a selection of complete series for a limited time, with either English dub or […]

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00- Season One Part Three": Down But Not Out

After many unfortunate delays, Bandai Entertainment have released the third volume of Gundam 00‘s first season. Can it measure up to the first two parts? Or is it just so many dancing Ewoks? Events in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 pick up sharply from where we left off last time. The newly arrived Team Trinity spread […]

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00- Season One Part Two": Shades Of Gray To Grab Your Green

When last we left our story, the Human Reform League had launched a risky attack against Celestial Being’s carrier spaceship. I won’t spoil the outcome, but this first episode shows clearly that the staff have no interest in offering bland super Gundams, as the Meisters are put on the ropes in a series of tense […]

SD Gundam Sangokuden Movie Announced For 2010

Sunrise have clarified that the SD Gundam Sangokuden animated project announced earlier this year will take the form of a theatrical movie. Due for release in Japan February 27th 2010, the film will use cell shading animation similar to the earlier SD Gundam Force. The story itself is based on the Chinese literature Romance of […]

"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation": Christmas With The Family

A Christmas special is one of those time honoured television traditions. A special episode in which we see the characters engage in festive cheer. But admitedly, these all tend to run the same set of cliches. So what happens when the talents behind Disney’s popular Phineas and Ferb make one? As the title implies, Phineas […]

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