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Beez Entertainment Possibly Loses All Stock In London Fires

by Grant Whiteon August 9, 2011
The outbreak of riots and fires across England has claimed Sony’s main optical disc distribution warehouse. Amongst the companies who kept stock on the site were Beez Entertainment, the European arm of Bandai’s home video releases. At current they suspect all stock may have been lost as a result. Beez have announced that no staff […]

"Birdy the Mighty: Decode - Season 1 (UK Edition)": Bird Is The Word

by Grant Whiteon August 5, 2011
Birdy is an agent of an outer space Federation that oversees most of the cosmos. Whilst intervening in a seemingly routine chase of criminals, the crooks escape to Earth with their prize and go undercover with Birdy not far behind. Adopting a human alias herself, Birdy eventually tracks down the ringleader, but in the resulting […]

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time (UK Edition)": Having A Wibbely Wobbley Timey Wimey

by Grant Whiteon July 18, 2011
In the late 1990s, Nintendo and 4Kids had a surprise hit on their hands with the success of Pokemon. After that, the race was on to find the next merchandise-friendly Japanese license. 4Kids profited from their early lead, however, and managed to snag one of their next big successes, Yu-Gi-Oh! For those unfamiliar with it, […]

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 (UK Edition)":Memories Of The Way We Were

by Grant Whiteon July 1, 2011
Every so often a series becomes a cult smash hit. Maybe it’s the latest work from a popular studio or perhaps it’s a title that went ignored until the show premiered. Either way, suddenly everyone is talking about it everywhere you look. In recent years, this has definitely been the case with The Melancholy of […]

Toonzone Transformers Week - The Transformers Movies - They're Alive-Alive-Alive! ...Except Where It Counts

by Grant Whiteon June 29, 2011
The Transformers Movies – They’re Alive-Alive-Alive!   …Except Where It Counts Earlier this week I cast a critical eye on the 1986 animated movie and implored people to, at the very least, enjoy the widespread success the modern live action movies have brought the franchise as a whole. Whilst that sentiment still stands, today I’m […]

Transformers G1 - Best Episode Ever! - HellCat's Choice

by Grant Whiteon June 26, 2011
With a boy’s toy brand, success means you’ll inevitably introduce new characters//toys to the roster. The thing is, even when there’s a supporting fiction present, there’s often very little presented to give the new characters a valid motive to join the fight and instead these characters just suddenly appear with a fiery devotion to their […]

Transformers the Movie - Transforms from questionable motion picture to rose tinted nostalgia and back!

by Grant Whiteon June 26, 2011
Transformers the Movie – Transforms from questionable motion picture to rose tinted nostalgia and back! In 2007, the live action adaptation of Transformers was a surprise hit. Sure, there had been a lot of hype and fan discussion but I recall most people expecting it to be a flop, something that would do well enough […]

"Master of Martial Hearts (UK Edition)": I Wish I Could Get The Time Back

by Grant Whiteon June 24, 2011
As a reviewer, I don’t think I’ve ever found a title I could dismiss as pointless. I’ve even praised (for effort) series that have bored me. I start by looking for untapped potential, and so even if I personally don’t care for something, I try to be nice because nothing can be a complete waste. […]

"Gundam 00 Season 2, Part 4": Successful Innovation

by Grant Whiteon June 10, 2011
We’re finally into the homestretch with the final volume of Gundam 00. The stakes are set high right out of the gate with the surprise reveal of a traitor within Celestial Being—well it surprises the main cast, anyway. The identity of the traitor is a plot thread that has been dangled in clear view of […]

"Gundam 00 Season 2, Part 3": Always Clenching

by Grant Whiteon June 10, 2011
When last we left off, the crew of the Ptolemy had successfully destroyed the Memento Mori space laser in a Star Wars-style attack run. However, this moment of victory proves short lived, as this volume opens with the revelation that Ribbons had predicted their victory and in fact had a further A-Laws force waiting nearby. […]