Second 2011 MCM Expo London To Be Held In October

The second MCM Expo for 2011 will be held the weekend of 29th-31st October. Staged at London’s Excel centre, the event will bring together fans of cult TV, comics, gaming and anime in a single venue split across seperate ‘villages’. In addition to seller tables and panels, a number of guests will be appearing for […]

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4 Premiere': I Recommend The Calamari

A second look may more than double your appreciation. Amazing success! Three years ago Star Wars: The Clone Wars debuted to spectacular ratings. But, with a fourth season on the horizon, can it continue to prosper? The toonzone council has dispatched a reviewer to the planet of S’Creena to observe the developing situation… A few […]

'Johnny Test Season Five Premiere': Squirreling Time Away

Johnny Test is a show that has gone relatively unnoticed since its debut. Originally a Warner Bros. series, the show was forced to switch studios and transition to Flash animation to continue production. Despite these behind the scenes troubles, it has generally done well for itself and is about to begin a fifth season. Set […]

"Phineas and Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension": Awesomeness Squared

In the past I’ve written highly positive reviews of Phineas and Ferb. However, I have to be honest: over the last year or so my interest in the series has waned. I started watching early in the show’s second season, and although I quickly started loving it, possibly I over indulged. Soon enough, even the […]

"Gundam 00 - A Wakening of the Trailblazer": Loving The Alien

Two years have passed since Celestial Being defeated Ribbons and his rogue Innovades. With the reorganized Federation government working towards a genuine peace, the anti-war organization has switched to non-Gundam small scale interventions as a form of clean up. It’s a strategy which is helped by Celestial Being happening to be on its last legs, […]

"K-On! Volume 1 (UK Edition)": Doesn't Keep Tempo

Yui Hirasawa has just started high school. A klutz whose sense of direction seems only to guide her into oncoming objects, she decides to break her life long habit and finally join a school club. She opts for the light music club, which needs one more member to be officially recognised. There’s just one problem: […]

Beez Entertainment Possibly Loses All Stock In London Fires

The outbreak of riots and fires across England has claimed Sony’s main optical disc distribution warehouse. Amongst the companies who kept stock on the site were Beez Entertainment, the European arm of Bandai’s home video releases. At current they suspect all stock may have been lost as a result. Beez have announced that no staff […]

"Birdy the Mighty: Decode - Season 1 (UK Edition)": Bird Is The Word

Birdy is an agent of an outer space Federation that oversees most of the cosmos. Whilst intervening in a seemingly routine chase of criminals, the crooks escape to Earth with their prize and go undercover with Birdy not far behind. Adopting a human alias herself, Birdy eventually tracks down the ringleader, but in the resulting […]

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time (UK Edition)": Having A Wibbely Wobbley Timey Wimey

In the late 1990s, Nintendo and 4Kids had a surprise hit on their hands with the success of Pokemon. After that, the race was on to find the next merchandise-friendly Japanese license. 4Kids profited from their early lead, however, and managed to snag one of their next big successes, Yu-Gi-Oh! For those unfamiliar with it, […]

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 (UK Edition)":Memories Of The Way We Were

Every so often a series becomes a cult smash hit. Maybe it’s the latest work from a popular studio or perhaps it’s a title that went ignored until the show premiered. Either way, suddenly everyone is talking about it everywhere you look. In recent years, this has definitely been the case with The Melancholy of […]

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