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"Ballad of a Thin Man": The Life of Ryan

by Eileen Cruzon April 25, 2009
Front Cover Back Cover Ballad of a Thin Man: In Search of Ryan Larkin is largely the story of Chris Robinson’s journey of realization as he confronts his lifelong personal demons and takes responsibility for them. He intertwines this self-exploration with an exploration and analysis of his experiences with the late Canadian animator Ryan Larkin. […]

Today is Sand Animation day!

by Eileen Cruzon April 23, 2009
(Not really, but sometimes that’s just what happens when you end up on a Youtube kick.) It’s pretty cool if you’re into that artsy stuff (which I happen to be). Below is a series of Animal Planet promos done by Ferenc Cakó. The recordings his live performances are awe inspiring. I was particularly fond of […]

Animation reused in Disney films - No one shocked

by Eileen Cruzon April 22, 2009
The following Youtube video features a series of clips edited together as evidence Disney engaged in a practice common in the industry, repurposing animation. It saves time and money when you don’t have to animation something entirely from scratch. While I enjoyed watching the video, what I enjoyed more was the info box. It was […]

Canadian Animation: Looking for a Place to Happen

by Eileen Cruzon April 12, 2009
Front Cover Back Cover From cover to cover, Looking for a Place to Happen is a fantastic read. I enjoy jumping into a thought-provoking book on a subject in which I am not well versed, and which both expands my knowledge of that subject and encourages further exploration of the topic. Canadian Animation: Looking for […]

"Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood": Needs More Booty

by Eileen Cruzon March 30, 2009
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood preserves a place for content from the graphic novel that could not be worked directly into the recent movie release. The main content of the DVD clocks in at a little less than an hour, and despite its virtues it simply doesn’t offer enough to […]

"Angel Wars: The Messengers" Is Far From Heaven, But Not Earthbound, Either

by Eileen Cruzon March 25, 2009
The Messengers is the latest entry in TeleStoryTOONS’s Angel Wars direct-to-DVD CG-animated series. The DVD contains six short stories that follow the adventures of Eli and Kira, angels-in-training. The supporting cast includes the archangel Michael and the guardian angels Arianna, Paladin, and Swift. These characters live in a world reflecting some odd merger of the […]

Animation News from the 2009 Cartoon Network Upfront (UPDATED 12:57 PM with images)

by Eileen Cruzon March 25, 2009
The Cartoon Network 2009 Upfront is finished! Check below for news about all the new and returning shows, with images (click any image to enlarge), or click here to read the Cartoon Network press release for this year’s upfront. UPDATE 11:45 AM Returning series include Star Wars: Clone Wars, Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, […]

Toon Zone Presents: Save Me! Lollipop: The Complete Series Trailer

by Eileen Cruzon March 7, 2009
In conjunction with FUNimation, Toon Zone is proud to host this video preview of the to recently released Save Me! Lollipop: The Complete Series. Click the image below to play (requires QuickTime). <!– You can also right-click on the following link (control-click on a Mac) to save the QuickTime files to your computer, if the […]

NYCC2009: TMNT Animation: 25 and Going Strong

by Eileen Cruzon February 10, 2009
The heroes in a half shell have been around 25 five years. If you’re like me, that means you were six when the comic came out and I might have just made you feel very old. (I, on the other hand, will continue to live on in the bliss that is denial.) As part of […]

NYCC2009: J.J. Sedelmaier's It All Started Here

by Eileen Cruzon February 9, 2009
J.J. Sedelmaier and Howard Beckerman were at Comic Con to promote an exhibit in White Plains, NY that explores New York’s place in animation history. A solid assortment of animated shorts and commercials/promos were screened, which directly counter the common notion that all innovation in animation came from California. The majority of materials viewed at […]