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Cool Stuff: Her Morning Elegance

by Eileen Cruzon September 15, 2009
I’m told that if you love something you should set it free. If it comes back to you, then it’s meant to be. (That was entirely stupid. I apologize.) I saw this music video for Oren Lavie’s song, Her Morning Elegance awhile ago. I completely forgot about it because there was no site blog with […]

Cool Stuff: A Record of Life

by Eileen Cruzon September 7, 2009
I enjoyed this short because it allowed me to zone out and simply absorb the imagery. Sometimes, that’s just what you’re in the mood for. This tasty bit of animation loosely follows the evolution of life on our tiny blue planet and was created by Owen Gately & Luke Jinks. A Record Of Life from […]

Cool Stuff: The Cat Piano

by Eileen Cruzon September 6, 2009
You’ll find some great use of color in this somewhat dark short from the People’s Republic of Animation. In The Cat Piano, we follow our feline protagonist as he attempts to find the source behind a string of kidnappings. This short was directed by Eddie White & Ari Gibson and produced by Jessica Brentnall. The […]

Cool Stuff: Muzorama

by Eileen Cruzon September 2, 2009
Muzorama was inspired by the works of French artist, Jean-Philippe Masson (Muzo) and created by students of Supinfocom Arles. Muzorama from Muzorama Team on Vimeo. (via @ aniboom, via @ Talotan)

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: "Thundercats" Ho!

by Eileen Cruzon August 11, 2009
From the opening trumpets, to the over-the-top whining electric guitars, to the beautifully detailed and yet still fluid animation, there’s only one word suitable to describe the Thundercats opening theme, “badass”. It’s a slick 1:15 of animation that gets you entirely psyched up to watch a cartoon that’s not nearly as good as what you […]

Cool Stuff: I Lived on the Moon by Yannick Puig

by Eileen Cruzon July 7, 2009
This great little bit of animation was created by Yannick Puig. Yannick’s website goes in depth on his creative process and inspirations behind this animated video clip. “I lived on the Moon” by Yannick Puig (june2007) (via sknygrydg07 on twitter)

Cool Stuff: Oktapodi

by Eileen Cruzon June 28, 2009
Originally released in 2007, here’s an adorable short involving two octopuses attempting to escape from a restaurant cook. Oktapodi was created as the graduation film of Julien BOCABEILLE, François-Xavier CHANIOUX, Olivier DELABARRE, Thierry MARCHAND, Quentin MARMIER, Emud MOKHBERI, former students of Gobelins.  (via RositaCortez on twitter)

Cool Stuff: Fenrir

by Eileen Cruzon June 28, 2009
Here’s a slick little bit of animation done by some second year students of Gobelins for Annecy 2009.    (via TJMcKimmey on Twitter)

Cool Stuff: This One Time...

by Eileen Cruzon June 28, 2009
Aniboom posted a link to a bit of cool animation on their twitter account. The animator’s name is Nelson Boles. Boles attended the teen program at The Animation Academy. In 2008, he won a $10,000 scholarship towards attending CalArts, along with an internship at Warner Bros. Animation. I assume he is now a student at […]

From Heaven to Hell with Civilization

by Eileen Cruzon June 23, 2009
There’s a very cool video installation over at the The Standard Hotel in New York City. Passengers are able to view the video as they ascend or descend in the hotel’s elevator and are taken on a trip from hell to heaven or vice versa. It was created by Crush and directed by Marco Brambilla. […]