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Cool Stuff: Witches Brew

by Eileen Cruzon November 6, 2009
Witches Brew takes us briefly into the lives and hut of a witch and her apprentice. I wasn’t supremely impressed by the short. The animation seemed a little stiff, but the character designs were cute and the sight gag at the end made it worth it. This short was created by Gergana Hristova, a student […]

Animated Films: The Movie Theater Experience

by Eileen Cruzon November 3, 2009
Most of the time, the theater-going experience is a waste. Fake IMAX. Obnoxiously loud patrons. Cell phones that have not been turned off. Bleh. People who really don’t care that they’re hitting the headrest on your seat and knocking you forward each of the twenty times they pass to get more soda or use the […]

Mighty Max: Why isn't this on DVD yet?

by Eileen Cruzon October 29, 2009
Mighty Max, much to my chagrin, has not yet see a release on DVD. It’s a show that I remember quite fondly and the episodes I recorded off the television airings on VHS still hold up very well. During a time where there’s a push for 90’s nostalgia and series of lesser quality have seen […]

Cool Stuff: Mundo Mudo

by Eileen Cruzon October 13, 2009
Mundo Mudo is a music video that teaches us that a stick figure man can be a glutton and kind of a jerk too. After (I suppose) a really bad day, stick figure man begins eating non-stop and then grows quite large. What’s one to do when that happens? Why, devour a city, of course. […]

Cool Stuff: Voltage

by Eileen Cruzon October 13, 2009
In Voltage, robots prove that by working together, we can all reach a common goal. Except that sometimes working together causes power surges and everyone explodes. C’est la vie. Directed by Filippe Lyra and William Paiva of Bam Studios, this short features some very cool robot designs and some sweet animation. Voltage from Bam Studio […]

Cool Stuff: Le Phare

by Eileen Cruzon October 13, 2009
This is my favorite of the shorts I’ve watched in the last month or so. Le Phare (The Lighthouse Keeper) was created by Gobelins students, David Francois, Rony Hotin, Jérémie Moreau, Baptiste Rogron, Gaëlle Thierry, Maïlys Vallade. In this short a lighthouse keeper is roused from his slumber by a rather large insect. (via @guscall […]

Cool Stuff: Burning Safari

by Eileen Cruzon October 13, 2009
Burning Safari combines two of my favorite things: robots and monkeys. The short was created in 2006 as the final project by former Gobelins students, Florent de La Taille, Jeanne Irzenski, Vincent Aupetit, Claude-William Trébutien, Maxime Maleo and Aurélien Prédal. The short’s website has some nice background and character designs. It also has a number […]


by Eileen Cruzon October 13, 2009
Here’s a nifty little stop-motion animation created by Sjors Vervoort as his graduation project. I do so enjoy street art.  (via @hntrgthrr on twitter)

Cool Stuff: Tarboy

by Eileen Cruzon October 11, 2009
Not too sure about the name of the of the main character, but I’m definitely digging the animation. Tarboy was created by James Lee, with music by Hania Lee. Enjoy the pretty thing. (via @compoundj on twitter)

Cool Stuff: Yellow Cake

by Eileen Cruzon October 11, 2009
Yellow Cake is a great in that it disarms the viewer with a false sense of security and then viciously rips it away by effectively mixing some rather adorable creatures with horrific acts of war. The two extremes play very well together in this beautifully put together short. According to an interview on Slow Decade, the idea […]